Making Sense of the Mess in Yemen

In August 2014 the U.S. State Department ordered all nonessential U.S. personnel to leave the capital of Yemen for fear of terrorist attacks. A month later, on September 10, 2014, President Barack Obama declared that Yemen was a success story in the war on terror. He claimed that the “strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us… is one we have successfully pursued in Yemen and Somalia for some years.”

  • ntt1

    take islam add illiteracy add drug use and presto another islamic shithole. illiteracy and islam seem to be common features of the muslim world. And our child emperor wants to import thousands

    • Islam requires two things to thrive, ignorance and murder.

  • Yemen is nothing more than Islam on display.

    Essentially 99.9% Muslim, Yemen is the perfect example of what happens to a society when Islam takes over.

    Yemen is Saudi Arabia without any easy oil money. The population turns into a warring class, looking for differences to war over.

    Celebrate Islam. Vacation in Yemen.

    Obama is a fricking Muslim shill. He was right about Islam. It is a “success story” in the war on terror. It is the epicenter of where the successful Islamic theological hate code is practiced.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Obama lies about everything all the time.
    The UN exists for the sole purpose of ushering in another holocaust.

  • Martin B

    Anyone who can use the words “success” and “Somalia” in the same sentence is brain-dead or insane.

  • Cat-astrophe

    “strategy of taking out terrorists who threaten us… ” That says it all.
    Or read through your BS strainer: “The only terrorists left are the ones we support”

    • Blacksmith

      “The only terrorists left are the ones we support”
      Which are the other ones who want to kill of enslave us.

      • Cat-astrophe

        The US supports certain rebels, that is proven beyond a shadow of a doubt. Obamas comment points to that reality, and at the time, he was claiming the only terrorists left were the ones we support. No, he does not call those he supports terrorists, but that’s what I call them.

        • Blacksmith


  • Blacksmith

    O’butthole’s war on terror, Yemen, Somalia, Libis, Syria, Iraq, The only one that came out slightly sucessful is Egypt and that was because the people of Egypt overthrew the won’s islamist.