Hispandering Hillary

During the early years of the Clintons’ presidency their only child, daughter Chelsea, was in full awkward pre adolescence — slightly chubby, braces on her teeth, unruly curly hair. The Clintons admirably decreed then:

“It’s the request of the president and Mrs. Clinton that Chelsea be allowed to have as normal a childhood as possible while living at the White House,” said Neel Lattimore, the first lady’s spokesman.

  • barryjr

    If you don’t want the press to go after your children or grandchildren don’t use them in your political ventures. If you are willing to bring them into your ads or campaigns then you are telling everyone that they are fair game for the media.

  • The Clintons are so full of bull. Under Bill Clinton was the largest deportation of Hispanic migrants in history. And over Christmas the Obama administration has announced additional deportations. Although the deportations are likely legitimate, it’s rather cruel to do it over Christmas — doesn’t sound like something your loving “abuelitos” would do.

    Anyway, I remember the Clinton deportations — I was closely involved with the Hispanic community at the time and had more Latin American friends than I could count. One night we were sitting around the table and drinking lots of beer. They were so incensed at the news of the Clinton deportations that they started talking about organizing a plot to assassinate Prez Bill: “Are you in Ricardo, do you want to join us?” I figured it was just the alcohol talking and respectfully bowed out.

    • Clausewitz

      Just one name should show the Clinton’s for the hypocrites they are. Elian Gonzalez.

      • Four children were smuggled out of Nicaragua the same way that Elian Gonzalez escaped Cuba. Except their story was worse, they had no father — their father was brutally tortured and murdered and his body buried in a shallow grave on the banks of a river near his village. Everything was documented — names, addresses. dates, places, witnesses, perpetrators, forensic examiners, recorded testimony, written testimony, photos, everything. And this was back in the day when not only the Internet didn’t exist, but it was rare to even find telephone service, and mail was intercepted and censored. So what happened after I personally presented the evidence to the Canadian Embassy and our Minister of External Affairs? This isn’t the venue, but suffice to say that my head would explode if I ever had to recount it again. Canada is ten times worse human rights abusers than the U.S. has ever been — after I returned to our egotistical maniacal phony country, our security services stole all that hard earned documentation under the Liberal government of the time.

        Here’s one surviving photo of those orphans:

  • mauser 98

    …….who’s your daddy?

    “naming the actual biological father as
    Webb Hubbell, Hillary Clinton’s partner at the Little Rock Rose Law Firm
    and, later, associate attorney general of the U.S. in the Clinton