Corsica: The origin of the Moor’s head

The severed head of a Moor is featured on the Corsican Flag.

Moors head on Corsican flag

  • G

    I don’t know if it’s art…..but I like it!

  • Spatchcocked

    Sardinian flag same as Corsican…..but three times more so…

    Which is nice.

  • Spatchcocked

    Sardinia is very nice….last time I was there infested with schwarzers flogging all the usual rubbish…and the you say ,long memories
    The people of course know the score but the leadership in shipping all the dreck out and back to Africa is all to seek.
    The solution cannot be acquiescence….that is impossible so in the fullness of time we will have violent solutions…
    It seems to be taking forever doesn’t it…
    We need Pattons and Putins but we only see and hear Quislings.
    I long for the sight of lamp posts garlanded with these traitors hung by the heels.