British Muslims are accused of boycotting the Government’s anti-terror programme as it emerges just 10% of tip-offs to police come from the community

A fraction of referrals to a key Government anti-terror scheme are being made from within the Muslim community, leading to widespread distrust and threats of a national boycott, according to reports.

Less than 10 per cent of referrals to the Prevent programme, a central plank of the Government’s counter-terrorism strategy, come from within the Muslim community.

The collapse in referrals means the bulk of tip-offs are originating from public services, such as schools or doctors, breeding distrust and disillusionment among some Muslim communities, it is claimed.


Of course Canada has adopted the British “prevent” model…I’ve written on this nonsense before.

The RCMP are a joke when it comes to “Outreach”, remember, they just had to renounce the “anti-radicalization” handbook they co-authored – with Muslim radicals.

Nothing against GB and all but do read the following article on their own ludicrous outreach efforts.

  • pdxnag

    They have already chosen sides in this war and announced it by dressing like, acting like and claiming to be Muslim. This is enough.

  • Martin B

    So much for all that blind bullcrap about how the Muslim community is our ally against terrorism and how we mustn’t alienate by doing or saying anything that might offend Islam. The politicians and pundits who spew this shit are lying and they know they’re lying. Damn them all.

  • Blacksmith

    Well I am shocked!…. No not really.