Austrian police say European capitals have been warned of possible attack by Muslims

VIENNA (Reuters) – Vienna police said on Saturday a “friendly” intelligence service has warned numerous European capitals of the possibility of a shooting or bomb attack before the New Year, pushing police across the continent to increase security measures.

“Several possible names of potential attackers were mentioned, which were checked, and the investigation based on (these checks) has so far yielded no concrete results,” Vienna police said in a statement, some six weeks after 130 people were killed in Islamist bombing and shooting attacks in Paris.

  • Alain

    When you insist on inviting vicious animals into your home, you should not a warning to know they will attack you.

    • More and more people are coming to that realization every day.

      • Canadian

        I hope!

    • mauser 98

      …a hard rain is gonna fall

  • Dana Garcia

    Meanwhile, elites insist everything is normal, and the million Islams are not an invasion.


  • johnbrooks3

    Why can’t figure where these pep rally’s are going on and then just send a cruise missile in? Same with funerals.

  • It’s a good thing people are letting them migrate in droves.