Ambush in Ajaccio: “It was close to disaster” #corsica

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On the night of Christmas Eve, several firefighters were lured into a real trap in Ajaccio in Corsica. Called for arson, they were literally assaulted by masked individuals in a popular area of the city. In total, two firefighters and a member of the security forces were injured. Since then, the testimony of the firefighters present during the attack shows the violence of the facts: “It was dark We stayed in the truck and our main concern was that no one could ride in more so that there was a woman.. with us on the response. I pushed behind and I firmly held the door. It was at that moment that I was hurt, “said Nicolas, one of the firefighters present on site to Corse Matin. Tiffany Young female firefighter, also present at the scene during the fire, also confided: “We all had fear We knew that if they were entering the truck, it was not the same story.. You had to quickly leave the area. ”

This Saturday, December 26, Nicolas is also back on the course of events in micro . The firefighter, wounded in the eye, said that when they arrived at the scene, firefighters were confronted about fifty armed persons. In attempting to turn back, they found themselves in a “trap of twenty people.” Armed with stones, blocks and baseball bats, their attackers have attacked violently truck and managed to break windows. “We really close to disaster, he could have been dead,” said the firefighter still visibly shocked by the attack. Premeditated and organized action without precedent, according to the firefighter, who nevertheless evokes previous violence against firefighters in the area, but nothing of such intensity. “We are here to help, it’s shameful,” added Nicolas underlining that many insults recycled again and again during the attack, including “against the Corsicans.”


It’s important to have on the record who the aggressors were in light of the media spin.

This was a pre-meditated, co-ordinated ambush of firefighters and police by some 50 armed Muslims.

  • Bobby Woodlawn

    What’s the ground clearance on their apparatus?
    Reverse is usually the lowest gear (ratio)…just sayin’

  • Canadian

    I think that the beheaders just made a really really big mistake!

    • I hope so.

      • Canadian

        Only in Corsica, unfortunately…

    • V10_Rob

      Assuming anyone hears about it. Maybe its just my search skills failing me, but it’s like anything to do with Corsica has been dropped down the memory hole on a lot of major news sites.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Apparently, what gets killed in Corsica stays dead and gets buried in Corsica. Interesting little operation they got there.

        • Canadian


      • Canadian

        Corsica is part of france, so the MSM try to hush everything up, unless it`s real big and cannot be ignored.
        But I bet the muzzies in Corsica are feeling a bit of heat.

    • Editor

      The muslims are just establishing authority over a new “zone urbaine sensible” (sensitive urban area). Par for the course, really. Although the euphemism coined by the French for their thousands of no-go zones clearly illustrates the depth of their denial. Authorities will litterally let hundreds, thousands of citizens get killed before they even identify the problem by its real name. ISLAM!

  • Exile1981

    The media mentioned the protest rally that happened christmas day as a sign of islamiphobia and failed to mention the muslim attack.

    • The media has been despicable.

      • Exile1981

        i’d love to see some sort of way to force the media not to lie but i can’t come up with a way to do it without setting it up in a way the left would corrupt and use as a way to spread only lies.

        • Clausewitz

          Just ignore the usual suspects.

          • Exile1981

            I was thinking so they can’t provide false info to the general public.

      • Justin St.Denis

        The media has always been that way. Historically, media have always acted as the smut-paddlers of the day. In Victorian England, when strict obscenity laws prevented the free publication of many literary works, the MSM of the day stepped up to the plate and published verbatim court transcripts of trials of sexual crimes, etc. The dailies were virtually 90% smut, and “well-bred” women were taught to avoid them for that reason and NOT to keep women “out of the loop” as feminists claim.

        Just a few facts….

        MAIN FACT: The “media” were never intended to keep you informed; they are intended to keep you entranced. My wife and I taught this to our children from the moment they could comprehend the concept of a world beyond their backyard.

    • V10_Rob

      “ISLAMOPHOBIA! Muslim prayer house trashed and Quorans burned! Far-right thugs on a rampage!”

      Wow, what sparked that?

      “…mumble mumble…firefighters…mumble…ambushed by a mob…mumble mumble…”

      Wait, what happened to who now?

      “Shut up! Stop being distracted by peripheral details, I’m trying to talk about racism! Here’s several diversity experts to shed light on why arson is a vibrant cultural tradition!”

    • Gary

      They fear having their Studios bombed by muslims or they children beheaded by this Religion Of Peace if they tell the truth.
      At least they finally came around to see the real face of islam and now know that its followers are predisposed to violence and murdering civilians for their version of god.

      Michael Moore is now on the Streets condemning islamophobia as if THAT will help him be spared under sharia law when the quran tells muslims to convert or kill the current 6,000,000,000 enemies of islam.
      Justin , Wynne, CBC. STAR and John Tory know the risks for telling the truth about islam, so for now they just want to stay alive and spend the money they stole from us .

      • David Murrell

        I agree with all of these comments about our media cartel. But conservatives and others, upset with the lying and cheating, can fight back — by supporting web-based media, and by complaining to the corporate media bosses every time they cheat and lie.

        • Exile1981

          I understand all that I was more interrested in making it so they can’t tell lies to the public. Or too children… yes my own get mews from alternative sources but i’m thinking of the 50%+ of the population that if they heard the truth would stop supporting the left.