Report: Christmas Day Massacre Of Christians in Beni, DR Congo By Islamist ADF

Warning, these are graphic photos, 17 are reported dead.

  • Gary

    Muslims are helping to prove what jesus warned about for his followers when he said that a time will come when THEY ( non-follower pagans ) will kill you while thinking they are doing a favour to their god.

    The false prophet will promise Peace for all, this prophet will fool the ignorant masses by citing existing Words from God as if they are his own to prove god spoke to them as a prophet.
    This false prophet will only bring suffering, pain, wars upon wars , plus divide brothers to keep people fighting.

    I had questioned a muslim about why their alleged prophet of Peace would set out terms for treatment during War and terms for slavery , this didn’t make sense unless the prophet condoned War as part of the faith along with slavery.
    If a plumber comes to your home and preaches about Fire Insurance , it’s a sure bet that they have some tie to arson and have no interest in a Fire Proof house .
    So when a prophet of peace comes by and they have a list of rules for war and slavery , they are pulling a scam on you.

    • Islam is death cult created by the psychopath Mohammed.

  • BillyHW

    We need a non-faggot pope.