France: Mosque sacked after firefighters attacked by Muslims on Christmas Day

Here’s the lowdown. A fire was deliberately set by Muslims in order to lure firefighters & police into an ambush. This sort of pre-meditated attack on first responders by Muslims is common in European cities. This time however French citizens fought back and a local Muslim prayer room was sacked.

The papers are trying desperately to blame it all on “racism”or heaven forbid Islamophobia! The Independent has a particularly egregious headline – “Muslim prayer hall sacked by Corsican mob on Christmas Day – The crowd chanted racist slogans” which attempts to place the blame squarely on the backs of French citizens who were merely defending themselves against violent Muslims.

The Telegraph is no better – Corsican mob trash Muslim prayer room and burn Koran on Christmas Day.

When it comes to Islam trust nothing the MSM or your government tells you.

The facts are French citizens fought back in response to an attack by Muslims, this will scare the shit out of the treasonous multicultists.

Twitter – #Corsica

A Muslim prayer room ransacked in Ajaccio in a punitive expedition

Note the following is Google translated

Muslim prayer room ransacked, burned Korans in part, xenophobic slogans: several hundred people took to Friday in the evening a popular city of Ajaccio where two firefighters and one police officer were injured last night in clashes.

Outside a kebab restaurant located near the city was also damaged in these incidents ended around 9:00 p.m., in the evening of a Christmas under very close surveillance throughout France after the bloody attacks of November 13 to Paris.

“After the intolerable assault Fire, unacceptable desecration of a Muslim place of prayer. Respect the republican law,” tweeted Friday night the Prime Minister, Manuel Valls. The Interior

Minister Bernard Cazeneuve also condemned the attack that targeted the firefighters and the degradation of the prayer hall, citing “intolerable abuses to racism and xenophobia hints”.

The recently executive board chairman Gilles Simeoni Corsican nationalists have won –the December 13 local elections in Corse– was also convicted on BFM TV “racist acts completely contrary to Corsica we want”, after posted on Twitter his support to injured firefighters, as President of the Assembly of Corsica Jean-Guy Talamoni.

During the night of Thursday to Friday, at 0:30, a fire had been “deliberately lit” in the gardens of the Emperor “to attract police and firefighters in an ambush”, says Lalanne. Two firefighters were “seriously” injured by flying glass after “physical assault” during which the windows of their response vehicle were destroyed, according to the sub-prefect. The intervention of the security forces, during which a police officer was slightly injured, lasted until 2:45, at which time calm had returned to the neighborhood.

– “Arabs out!” –

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Demonstration of support for firefighters attacked in Ajaccio

  • Canadian

    About time!
    Corsicans are not your typical frenchmen…

    • it is a good sign.

      • Justin St.Denis

        But a small one.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Think Napoleon.

      • Canadian

        Think vendetta….

  • terrence

    And the police officers are now BANNED from using rubber bullets on the invaders (aka, “refugees”). They really should be using hollow point bullets, and using them a lot – but, then the “leaders” in France seem bound and determined to make it a mooslime country.

    • Canadian

      Corsicans like knives.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        So do “Palestinians”.

        • Canadian

          In a knife fight, I`d bet on the Corsican.
          Stabbing someone armed with a knife is a bit different than doing it to an old rabbi on the street.

  • Gary

    Lets keep in mind that ever since 9/1101 the islamic org’s over here asked muslims to avoid helping the FBI, RCMP CSIS or even local Police to look into alleged Jihadists or Terrorism plots by their muslim brothers .
    So when mosques here start to get bombed or we see infidel counter jihad mass slaughters…… CAIR and other islamic groups support you if you refuse to help the FBI or RCMP when they try to find the Terrorists.

    CAIR shot them self in the foot by supporting terrorism by muslims because it was about 10 years ago I wondered what would happen if terrorism was to muslims where people still had the right to not help the Police or FBI find the Terrorist killers.

    Dr.Sheema Khan got her 15 minutes of fame on the CBC and got to defend CAIR’s policy to coach muslims to not help the RCMP and CSIS while on the Stand during the Arar Inquiry expalining their Leaflets they handed out .

    Thank you Ms. Khan , I’m glad you will defend the Rights of non-muslims to stay quiet after every Mosque attack or muslims business is bombed on Canadian soil or in the USA .

  • Physics grad

    The Corsican mob has the right idea but the wrong target – they need to be lynching politicians first.

    • lolwut?

      Burning down migrant shelters does prevent them from becoming settled
      so long as they are cold, hungry and miserable lot less of a threat
      then if they have full bellies and a good nights sleep.

      The Muslims don’t intend to give up and go home but the others might
      so you at least get rid of a good chunk of the migrant numbers.

      It needs to be a two pronged attack.. leaders and support structure
      that includes any businesses that are supplying food, shelters
      and transporting them.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    The hysteria by the media over this should be a major clue as to why Trump is sitting pretty in the opinion polls.

  • Martin B

    It’s sad that not one corner of France is free of the plague of Mohammedans.

    It’s wonderful that the Mohammedans are encountering forceful resistance from the people.

    More please.

  • AlanUK
    • mauser 98

      Daily Mail is very good

      most of media over here is guvmint BS

    • It is a bit better.

  • David Murrell

    The CNN News report this morning — read by an Afro-Americn news reader — censored the part if Muslims attacking two firefighters. The news agency only mentioned the “Islamophobic” attack by the French demonstrators.

  • I hope we see the day when across the whole of Europe and the West the people rise up against the Muslims and their supporters in the media, the governments, academia, etc. and drive them all out back to Arabia or wherever they or their parents came from – before it is too late and the Muslims dominate and enslave them first. These are the only two choices – there is no middle scenario.