Confused Jews and Islamophobia phobia

The Great struggle against radical Islam is being complicated in the West by a phobia of Islamophobia.

Of course, prejudice against Muslims should be condemned. But the accusation of Islamophobia confuses prejudice with legitimate criticism of Islam and concerns about Islamic extremism.

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  • S N Smith

    Never again is happening again.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The only sane response is to let them own it. Even the leftist Jews who can’t prostrate themselves at the feet of Islamic psychos hard enough. Back off, and let them have their way. Let in 50,000, 200 thousand, a million. Let all the liberal Jews invite ISIS, Hamas and CAIR to their multicultural interfaith nonsense. Pack the inner cities and suburbs of targeted towns with them. Let dozens of malls get shot up, buses blown up, landmarks toppled. Stuff them into towns that claim to want to them. Put them all on the dole there. Let St Paul become Stockholm. Turn Newark into Damascus.

    So a few places burn to the ground, a few hundred or a few thousand idiots get chopped up. So what if there’s a rape epidemic in Sacramento? So what if Congress decides to surround the Capitol in razor wire and machine guns.

    That’s on them. They own that. Let them deal with it, which, if history is any measure, they’ll blame everyone else, anyone else, fold their arms and do nothing. And every time they raise their little finger at anyone else, just wave them off and walk away. That’s on them. They got what they demanded. Because violent anarchy is better than totalitarian oppression.

  • reidjr

    I went to church last night now it was nice but in the news letter they ran a ad for a blood drive at the mosque now if this was the other way around i bet there would be claims of Islamophobia.

    • tom_billesley

      Were they inviting people in for organ donation too?

  • simus1

    Sun Tzu says when you don’t know your enemy and don’t know yourself, disastrous failure will be your usual fate.

  • luna

    See also:
    Video: Ex-Muslim compares “Islamophobia” to the persecution of ex-Muslims in Muslim countries

  • Alain

    No, prejudice against Muslims should not be condemned any more than prejudice against poisonous serpents.

  • BitterClinger

    “Of course, prejudice against Muslims should be condemned.” What a completely asinine BS spew of vomitus.

    • Tokenn

      Prejudice is always a bad thing. Believe me, there’s plenty to condemn _knowledgeably_ about Islam and Muslim culture. Everybody should study it and have the facts at their fingertips. This will be far more effective than ignorant knee-jerk reaction.

      • BitterClinger

        There is NOTHING good about pisslam, so why would you accept it any way? There is nothing ignorant or knee jerk about my judgement of pisslam and all koranimals.

      • Alain

        Disagree that prejudice is always a bad thing. The fact is that prejudice has saved more lives than one can count. Prejudice simply means to pre-judge, so if you have heard often enough that certain animals or things are dangerous, you are right to maintain a prejudice against them. Prejudice is most often linked with the survival instinct. While some prejudice may be unfounded, that does not make the case for prejudice always being a bad thing. Intelligent people will discover that such prejudice is unfounded and revise their opinion.

  • tom_billesley

    Hype n’Hate are trying to marginalize the mainstream.

  • In modern Western society, the mainstream opinion seems not to be any kind of distaste for Islam, but rather an infatuation for it — Islamophilia, if you will.