Three Palestinians are shot dead as they launched stabbing and car-ramming attacks in the West Bank and a fourth is killed in clashes with Israeli soldiers

Three Palestinian men were shot dead today as they tried to carry out a series of attacks on Israeli soldiers and security guards in the West Bank.

One of them was shot dead as he tried to attack a group of soldiers with a screwdriver at a checkpoint near the city of Hebron, Israel has said.

Another was killed as he tried to ram his car into an army checkpoint and the third man was shot dead after he stabbed and wounded two security guards.

A fourth was shot dead during a shootout with Israeli soldiers. The attacks come during three months of heightened violence and protest in the area.

  • Katyn

    Thé thing about Muslims is they seem so singularly inept. I mean they try, but jeez Louise.

  • Alain

    The good thing here is that they were all shot dead. Not taking them prisoner is the only way.

    • Saves a lot of money.

      • Alain

        Yes and makes sure they are not “repeat offenders”.

    • Blacksmith

      My thoughts exactly. Now they need to go find those who enabled these assholes and make them dead too.

    • Hard Little Machine

      It should be general policy for all conflicts with all Arabs. Koranic justice, take no prisoners, accept no surrender. Kill them all.

  • Michael Onoo

    Isis is true Islam

  • Frances

    Do hope and pray that all the intended victims are alive and well.

  • Fuller statistics:

    “According to official figures released by Israel Hayom, there have been no less than 140 knife, car or shooting attacks in the last 100 days since the murder of Rabbi Eitam and Naama Henkin on October 1.

    Many begin counting the current terror wave from the murder of Alexander Levlovitz in a Jerusalem rock attack in mid-September; including him, a full 24 victims have been murdered. It is worth noting that aside from the 140 attacks recorded, thousands of rock attacks have been conducted – as of December 16, no fewer than 2,225 rock attacks had been committed since Levlovitz’s murder.

    The 140 attacks were conducted by 156 Arabs, including both Arab citizens of Israel as well as residents of Judea and Samaria living under the Palestinian Authority (PA).

    Of the attacks, 92 were conducted in Judea and Samaria, while 48 were within the 1949 Armistice lines. Of the latter figure within sovereign Israeli territory, 22 were conducted by Arabs from Judea-Samaria, while the remaining 26 were conducted by Arabs holding blue ID cards – indicating either citizenship or permanent residency in Israel.”

  • Barrington Minge

    The Israelis have the ideal response to “stabby stabby” mooslims. “Deady deady” mooslims!!

  • David Murrell

    The report on CBC News termed this “Isresli-Palestinian violence”, as if Israeli Jews started this.

    This is the CBC: even on Christmas morning they churn out Jew hatred.

    • Alain

      Disgusting but not surprising.