The Perils of Buying Your Own Hype

The stunning details revealed in a Wall Street Journal report published on Wednesday expose the extent to which President Barack Obama and the coterie of flatterers with whom he has surrounded himself truly bought into their own hype. Journal reporters Nour Malas and Carol Lee revealed that the Obama administration had been conducting covert, backchannel communications with Syria’s Bashar al-Assad well after the Syrian civil war evolved from bloody semi-sectarian affair into a catastrophe of unspeakable proportions.

  • Ed

    Obama watched 24 and got inspired?

  • Alain

    Short pants Trudeau hasn’t figured out the perils of buying your own hype.

    • Trudeau is Obama times x10 because there is no opposition. At least Obama has had healthy opposition, even within his own party. The Libs are all robots, the NDP has promised to lick their boots, and the Cons are currently irrelevant. Plus zero critics in the media. When Trudeau’s time to embrace reality does in fact come, his fall from grace will be 10x times worse.

      • Alain

        Sadly I must concur. Rona is at present digging the grave of the CPC without opposition.

      • Frances

        What opposition did Obama have within his own party, let alone out of it? The recent passage of the Omnibus bill indicates the GOP are spineless, and the Dems are with him.

  • terrence

    Shiny pony has started to do the same thing –

  • bob e

    what an incredible nightmare .. this man has got to be exposed if it takes
    a special procecutor 8 years .. if they let this slide, the republic’s credibility
    is gone ..