Still one of my faves…

Much fuss for tomorrow going on, I must prep the dressing, cranberries, and do a bit of baking, blogging will be a little lighter than is usual.

(Yea, I do a lot of the cooking round here, no one has been hospitalized to date which I count as an endorsement of sorts.)

Temperatures are positively Balmy here in TO, the sun is shining and it all looks more like spring.

  • ntt1

    roasting a goose tonight ,plenty of good gin in the marinade brine, and Christmas pudding with about $5.00 in change steamed in.
    Cats are excited.
    I read McGowan finally got around to fixing up his pegs, must be doing OK., Big job.

    • Sounds Delish!

      Yea they called McGowan’s fix the Mt. Everest of dentistry;)

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I love this song.
        I got them to play it at work yesterday when we were doing our round of requests.

        • Cool!

        • canminuteman

          You’ll notice it’s a young Matt Dillon playing the part of the cop at the beginning of this video.

  • Spatchcocked

    I do All the cooking….and I’m a rather good baker with a wide repertoire….all types of pies and various crusts doughs…..meat fish and fruit….
    I spend hours in the kitchen with the dog….me with my fags and beer….Shorty gets treats meat trimmings cheese….music playing …..I warble when the mood suits…

    By the time grubs up I’m half gooned but enjoy a good meal that way…Shorty gets bones and fatty bits of dead pig or whatever is on the menu right off the table…my dogs go first class…..

    Yes indeed many many happy contented hours…….

    My wife says one day I’m going to make some man very happy.

    Leg of Lamb tomorrow roast potatoes my cauliflower cheese thing roast carrots peas real gravy beer wine Big custard raspberry desert creme anglaise…

    • ntt1

      Leg of lamb next on my menu, plenty of garlic spears, sweet herb rub and apple mint sauce.,fried potatoes cooked in tonight’s goose grease. Its funny how many men do all the cooking, I do here , I mansplained to the wife that it was that that women become too emotional especially when dicing onions and give far too much credence to healthy food guidelines .
      found a good use for tupperware… put any quinoa you find into it then throw the whole mess out.

    • Sounds Great!