Pope Francis attacks consumerist society in midnight mass at Vatican

Pope Francis returned to one of his favoured themes in his homily at midnight mass on Christmas Eve at the Vatican, castigating a hedonistic and consumerist society and a culture of indifference.

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  • BillyHW


  • Clink9

    He won’t say a peep about the enemy though.

  • Frances

    Okay, while he’s not going after “radical” Islam, he does have a point. Too many “Christians” are lukewarm about their faith (and should take to heart the comment in “Revelations” about the Laodiceans) and don’t let it interfere with their lives. Others, totally secular, see nothing beyond the immediate gratification of pleasure. One has to say this about most Muslims: they take their faith seriously, and are not afraid to publicly express same.

  • simus1

    Pope Evita is just about as credible as al gore.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Pope Evita needs to stop his political stumping. Nobody thinks of Evita as a pope anymore, just another loudmouthed activist haranguing the public from whatever pulpit he can get. It’s getting tiresome. Devout Roman Catholics whom I know assure me most of what Pope Evita says has absolutely nothing to do with Catholicism. They are embarassed by all the posturing, too.

    I wonder how the former Pope Benedict is doing. Such a fine scholar and theological mind! I miss him….

  • Dana Garcia

    Meanwhile the pope promotes open borders so his people can invade north of the Rio Grande and become more effective consumers.

    • terrence

      But NO open borders at the Vatican…