Muslim Threats Of Violence Force Bangladeshi Christians To Skip Traditional Christmas Midnight Mass

KOLKATA, INDIA — Churches in Bangladesh skipped the traditional Christmas midnight mass services this year due to the increasing number of threats against Christian leaders, allegedly by Muslim extremists. Catholic houses of worship in the town of Dinajpur were among those that took the unusual step of opting out of holding the annual late night services because of security concerns voiced by the community.

“Several church leaders in Dinajpur have received death threats over the past weeks. Police advised us to remain as cautious as possible. All Catholic churches in this diocese decided not to hold mass at midnight this Christmas,” the bishop of Dinajpur, Sebastian Tudu, told VOA in an interview Thursday.

  • Christians will be blown up wherever they go.

    They should go to Mass packing heat.

    Merry Christmas, everyone.

    • A good plan, and Merry Christmas!

    • V10_Rob

      First thought that came to my mind. Have the entire congregation openly carrying.

      Stop running away, because they are never going to leave you alone. Stop, turn around, and kill them.

  • Canadian

    Just like the mosques in the West.
    Ask CAIR, they`ll tell you!

  • ontario john

    This is the future of North America.

  • marty_p

    Looks like the Palis are afraid too:,7340,L-4744249,00.html

    • Blacksmith

      I liked the line about ‘ they are part of a radical and unpredictable group’
      I find islamist predictable, they will all get violent at some point and attack anyone not of their flavor of islam.