Massacre of the innocents: ISIS are today’s King Herods say Archbishops

Britain’s two most senior clerics have drawn on the darker side of the nativity story in hard-hitting Christmas sermons warning of the possible “elimination” of Christianity from the region of its birth.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, the Most Rev Justin Welby, and Cardinal Vincent Nichols, the leader of the Roman Catholic Church in England and Wales, both draw comparisons between the Biblical account of the mass murder of children around Bethlehem on the orders of King Herod and the 21st Century Jihadist threat.


There are a great many more Muslims beyond ISIS murdering Christians…

  • Petrilia

    They have had SO MANY CHANCES to speak out and they did not. I notice they only speak about the danger to Christianity in the mid East, yet it is every bit as dangerous to be Christian , or Jewish, in modern day Europe. And no doubt coming to Canada and the USA if it is not already here. Stop being so namby pamby Christian leaders, we know what our common enemy thinks of our weakness. Our common enemy likes a strong horse, remember? So Christian leaders, why don’t you just for once, stand up, be strong, face OUR REAL ENEMY? Say it by name. Islam. Not ISIS, not ISIL, not Dash, no, the name the enemy gives itself. Islamic State. Islam. How can such educated populations in such Free Countries ignore such damning evidence in front of their very own eyes? As can their religious leaders? There will be tears.

    • We lack the leadership we will need.

    • Blacksmith

      Also the populace is in many cases willfully ignorant, they don’t want to know so they bury their heads in the sand. The lame stream media is complicit in this per their instructions from the govt.

  • As the willful murder that the West allows in all its ghastly forms.

    This Christmas one must reflect upon how far off the moral path we should all be on.

  • Petrilia

    Well if that didn’t get your blood boiling, could this? Muslims gatherin UK towns on Christmas Ever to celebrated Muhammad, birthday? No women allowed, just let’s let Sunni and Shia Muslims who normally would be killing each other, have a march on Christmas Eve to celebrate the birth of Muhammad. In 1400 years of the terror of Muhammed, who has led to nothing more than the destruction of the Free World, they have chosen Christmas Eve and Christmas. What a coincidence. Why not just bigger off. WE celebrate Christmas on this day. Bugger off. I might be able to laugh it off but WE ARE dealing with madmen here.

    • The Good news is ISIS considers celebrating Mo’s birthday an act of blasphemy.

  • tom_billesley

    ISIS will be delighted to be likened to a King of the Jews, however pleasing his bloodthirsty traits would be to them.