Judy Garland’s 1st Live Radio Performance of “Have Yourself a Merry Little Christmas” 1944

  • bob e

    pretty much always on the edge of intensity

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Placing this song in its 1944 context gives it added power and appeal.

  • Spatchcocked

    My old governor got himself shot two days before the in medio proelio Christmas dinner in Ortona. The Seaforths found two bottles of beer and cigarettes for each guest…..He recuperated at Lady Astors pile in England for a bit before being ferried home…..so he was eventually evensies with his regimental comrades.

    I play various renditions of ‘ D Day Dodgers’ over the holidays…..I sing along con gusto!! Great song and the tune of course is perfect! I especially enjoy the unexpurgated version being the vulgar Varangian I am…..the song certainly shut Astors pie-hole.

    All all out of memory soon…soon a mere footnote that curious foraging amateur history sleuths may come across….will they imagine those young young Canadian men in full?
    Oh well, remember thy place spatchcock…put thy vanity behind thee….you are just one…same as your governor (bless him)was only one piece of the slowly rolling forward Western Christian tide which in good faith and with best wishes for posterity soldiers on.

  • Spatchcocked

    Every Christmas I sit and think about the old man and his shooting. I’m up very early by lifelong habit so I’m able to sit and get lachrymose…blowing of nose etc…I remember his nightmares as a kid laying in the next room….always the same words.
    Get down get back oh Jesus get back get back get down oh Jesus. Mom would wake him up…he’d have a snort from the whisky bottle under the bed and be silent …mom was his nurse in hospital. He was little over 30 yrs old then I reckon….

    He Never spoke of his war unless you pointedly asked and then half the time he’d take the piss out of you…
    Mom says he and his mates were peeking around a corner whilst on their knees…when they stood up to run the sniper shot him in the hip thinking his head would appear….
    They left him out in the open til dark…..he played dead for quite a long time. I wonder what thoughts he had….expecting another bullet any moment I suppose….am I slowly bleeding to death I bet…
    Anyway for what it’s worth the wisdom he discovered and passed unto myself was to give the bad guys a hard very hard time of it….the ONLY thing that they understand is when you FLATTEN them..
    I find telling this cathartic somehow….it sets me up nicely…I become a very amiable toper when the booze starts flowing later in the day……I become very grateful for the time I have been allotted on this old terraqueous globe…and very thankful and kind to every little child woman and dog in my little circle..

    Merry Christmas fellow Pilgrims!

    • Thank you for a very interesting bit of personal history.