Thoughts on the death of a Fascist

To describe the life of Licio Gelli as eventful would be understating the case. We first hear of him as a member of the Falangist Brigade sent by Mussolini to fight with General Franco in the Spanish Civil War.

On his return from Spain, Gelli rose in favour among Mussolini’s Fascists and was given the job of negotiating the relationship with Hitler’s Nazis.

If Gelli had a good point, it was his consistency. ‘I am a Fascist, and will die a fascist’ he said in a radio interview, and indeed he pursued his ideal long after most people in the civilized world would have considered it relevant or even possible.

  • Minicapt

    He trained to be on time.


    • He timed his train?

      • ntt1

        the trains ran late as usual it was just that pointing this out was a jailable offence against the state.