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The Christmas Album – Nat King Cole

  • ontario john

    The media continues its theme of islam this Christmas season. Oh, sorry, the media demands we call it the Holiday Season. Yes, the Toronto Star website gives us the heart warming story of muslim women holding a wear a bag over your head day in Toronto. The Star attended a special event in Brampton that encouraged women all over the city to come and enjoy the benefits of covering your head. The rationale being that the murdering pervert mohammad commanded it. Yes, nothing says Christmas but islam in Canada. Sorry, holiday season. Sunny Ways.

  • ontario john

    The Trudeau worshiping media has been giving us glimpses of the little princes Holiday Message. Yes its called a holiday message this year. We must not insult the new state religion islam. The main theme is the prince demanding that we all help Syrian muslims. Praise mohammad.

  • Raymond Hietapakka

    I’m dreaming of a White Christmas….

  • Surele Surele
    • Jason

      Very nice version. Here’s another good version that is a tad less … martial.


      • Surele Surele

        It’s a keeper. Thank you.

  • lgeubank

    Here’s another Christmas song you might like, by (ahem) me, lyrics by Ogden Nash. It’s “A Carol For Children,” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWKCJjEbjTM&feature=youtu.be https://www

    • H

      Very nice … if a little dark.

      • lgeubank

        It is dark. I had to go look up the Ogden Nash poem, and it was written in 1934, so lines like “the reek of burning flesh” may refer to any of several wars, disruptions, and revolutions. Japan had already taken over Manchuria, Hitler and Mussolini were in power, Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillinger were cutting up wild. And of course, Stalin was in power and murdering millions. Well might they wish for a brighter Christmas than theirs!

  • Reader