Mosaic Of Diversity Alert: Khomeinist 5th Columnists Protest ISIS In Toronto

Sassy has the video, a lot of familiar faces, Zafar Bangash prominent among them.

Zafar Bangash

Clever Zafar Bangash dons a disguise to hide from my camera.


  • SDMatt

    Great: under the Christmas tree at Yonge & Dundas we’ve imported this human dreck to bring their hate inside our borders.

    • By the boatload.

      • JoKeR

        Our Liberal overlords would never make it that hard for them.

        They charter jets at our expense to get them here.

        • Gary

          Justin was cited in the media for telling these refugees that he would Wave the $10,000.00 loans that everyone else has to pay back once in Canada as a grateful refugees more than willing to give back the $10,000.00 first .
          Liberals claimed it would be unfair to burden these victims
          that have suffered enough and will have PTSD which will take longer to get them jobs IF they recover .

          Thanks Justin , so it’s OK to burden me and low income people to fund these pro-sharia jew-hating muslims to get here and go on Welfare.

  • JoKeR

    BCF why didn’t you get the picture of him behind his cap?

  • Ed

    Always with the shouting in the street. Now they have amplification technology. Great.

  • Gary

    The man wants to bring sharia law to canada to sanction child-bride pedophilia.
    Yet the media gives thsi pervert a pass because he has a beard and uses poor English when he speaks.