Living with the Muslim Hum

“…This is how I began to hear Islam, not as the muezzin’s call to prayer that Barack Obama registered as one of the loveliest sounds in the world, but as a vector-borne oscillation in the air, an electrical hum, always there even in the absence of sudden detonations, as it were.

No doubt I was primed for it. After years of studying Islam, following its bloody trail across the globe from 9/11 to the present day, experiencing a number of unpleasant encounters with Muslims asserting their sense of privileged inviolability, remarking the tsunami of migrants inundating Europe and gradually destroying its inheritance and cohesion, and now observing hundreds of these interlopers, aka “Syrians,” bivouacked not 20 miles from the house we bought, the hum of Islam is perpetually in our ears.”

  • JoKeR

    Is that “hum” or “Hun”?

    • Shebel

      You beat me to it.

    • Minicapt

      The Hun were warriors.


      • Shebel

        They used to be. Now they are Wimps.

        • Alain

          Same as the Vikings.

          • Observer

            The Viking race degenerated into Swedish socialist metrosexuals!

  • BradThomas

    They’re everywhere now, at least in every major Canadian city, and perhaps most American ones as well. Our countries are sickening from this contamination, and we fortunate who happen to be alive today get to watch the dying process. Lucky us.

  • Shebel

    I don’t feel too fucking lucky . AS a matter of fact —
    I feel really pissed off.

    My hope is on the Germans. Ain’t that a fucking lark.

  • ismiselemeas

    Even after 9/11 it was unusual to hear islam mentioned in the news. Fast forward and stories with an islamic connection constitute 90% of everything in the news, from the front page of the morning daily to 6 o’clock on the national telly.

    • Yes, every news media is mainly about Muslims in the world and locally.

  • Yes, life in the West has become bitter, due to the noticeable presence of Arabs/Muslims everywhere one goes. Our world is no longer what it was, and there seems to be nowhere devoid of these horrible people to escape to. And what is even worse, is that the media (the msm) are constantly engaged in propaganda in favor of them, and of the importation of more of them.