Laws of social justice warriors

Maybe everyone knows this, but a friend writes to draw my attention to a document , for help in understanding the Asshat Rebellion on campus: The Laws of SJWs [Social Justice Warriors] by Vox Day:

1: SJWs always lie

Hmmm. Would not have put it that way myself. Post-moderns do not care about evidence or fact, only about narrative and spin. Making fact a relevant category is not a good way of understanding or communicating with them.

Their cadets, campus asshats, will grow up to make movies like Truth and Chappaquiddick, perhaps on behalf of government—the versions they of reality they prefer and can enforce.

2: They always double down

Yes, and politicians and appointees with no stake in the future (essentially, most of their opponents) always cave. They have nothing to gain by fighting and nothing to lose by losing. If you are, for example, a woman who finds a guy in the women’s can, who says he has the right to be there, well, you better just pee at home from now on. And be honest, you probably voted for it, didn’t you? Just to be “nice”? Face it, you deserted the people who fought. Now just cringe and obey.

3: They always project

Yes, you are the enemy if you think anything is wrong with them doing whatever they want and eventually getting a salary for it from us taxpayers. They have needs.

Reality check: Their true problem in life is that no one needs them, and somehow, somewhere, thousands of people are still living productive lives without them. They will surely change that when they can.

See also: Internet Engineers approve Fahrenheit Code 451 for censorship denial of service.

  • SJW’s are the result of closing asylums.

    • Shebel

      It took me a while to figure out what SJW stood for. I mean that , I did not know what the letters stood for. At first, I thought it was the Jehovah Witnesses . Nobody would care about those assholes. Then,I thought it had something to do with the Jews. It didn’t make sense, that you would all be bad mouthing each other . It is with great relief to find that all it really stands for is a new term…SJW– ‘Social Justice Warrior’.

      It is almost too good a term for them.
      They did close the asylums and the rooming houses and did just about everything else that was needed to create the ‘Homeless Industry’ and all the bureaucracy and unions that are needed to support it.

      • Exile1981

        After canada closed the asylums a rather large number of them joined the ndp.

      • Brian Jones

        I initially thought it had something to do with Jewish women, just because I recall the old abbreviations from personal ads: SWF = single white female; DJM = divorced Jewish male; etc., and could never quite figure out what that had to do with anything, especially since around here in Vancouver it’s mostly skinny white hipster atheistic nerds enforcing politically correct dogma.

        I agree with you the term is too glorifying. It should be more like Holier Than Thou Killjoy (HTTK), or Self Righteous Brat (SRB), but I guess that horse already left the barn.

  • Oracle9

    After decades of attempted debate with SJWs, I find the same tactics always used:

    1) deflection through self-hatred of the achievements of our own society;

    2) refusal to comment on the debunking of their straw man arguments by simply ignoring the facts, then returning to tactic 1) above;

    3) before the cognitive dissonance really kicks in, I always hear the words “end of discussion”.