Islam and the Scientific Revolution

If you believe Islam’s well-funded propaganda machine Arab scholars were advancing the frontiers of knowledge long before Newton emerged from his study. From flying machines to theoretical physics, the Koran inspired them all

Islam is fighting a military and ideological battle that began some 300 years ago. The last decades of the 17th century mark the critical point of divergence of Western and Islamic civilizations, as one began its ascent and the other its decline. Central to this great shift in respective power was a pivotal military defeat and the Scientific Revolution. The implications of these events are still working themselves out in the realms of jihadi terrorism and propaganda about Islamic science, as Islam struggles to find a viable identity and role in the contemporary world.

h/t Marvin

  • Exile1981

    1000 years ago Islamic scholars developed the condom using the intestine of a sheep. 500 years later Western scientists improved on the design by removing the intestine from the sheep prior to use.

  • Xavier

    …as Islam struggles to find a viable identity and role in the contemporary world.

    Identity and role? Isn’t that evidence Islam isn’t a religion?

  • marty_p

    Thinnest books on the bookshelf:
    Muslim Contributions to Science, Medicine and Technology.
    Great Italian War Victories
    Jewish Sports Heroes

    • Wait until our PM discovers that fundamentalist Islam is intrinsically Marxist — it doesn’t believe in lending or borrowing at interest, which is the basis of “evil” capitalism. The former is NOT in fact Muslim propaganda. And when the Left decides to exploit it we’re looking at the perfect ideological storm, e.g.: the “greedy capitalist Jewish bankers” versus the “ethical sharing Marxian Islamists”.

  • winniec

    Islam caused the Dark Ages. Roman civilization survived the so-called ‘barbarian invasions’. The Vandals, Goths and others invaded, absorbed the Roman way of life but then became Romanized. The Muslim invaders invaded, were exposed to Roman life and learning, then largely rejected Roman civilization, burning the books in hundreds of libraries in the process. Many ancient books of science and literature were used to start fires in the hot baths built by the Roman citizens who were invaded, then persecuted by Islam. Islam had a deep distrust of anything that was not in the Islamic source texts…it was either superfluous or it was harmful…so Roman and Greek books were burned, rather than treasured by Muslims. Indeed, the fact that Mohammed was called ‘illiterate’ was seen as encouragement for illiteracy. Islam is pure stagnation. We will never know all the books that Islam burnt in invasions and plundering of ancient libraries.

    • DD_Austin

      Pre Islam North Africa was a breadbasket to the world
      Post Islam North Africa is a basketcase to the world

      Same goes for every place Islam touches, civilization rots and dies
      It’s Civilization’s Aids

    • johnny rogers

      The Mongols had nothing to teach to the Chinese in civilization terms but they conquered them; whad did the 7th century Arabs teach to the Byzantines and Persians about culture? the lunar calendar? anything else?. yes the Dark Ages started when the muslims made the Mediterranean Sea from a sea of trade and communications to a sea of war and piracy. the Pirenne thesis is true.

  • JoKeR

    You just have to listen to this song to understand the scientific perfection of the Q’uran.

  • Spatchcocked

    A portion of propaganda no matter how absurd and irrational will take hold in the population exposed to it.

    There can be no reasoning With fools……..

    As my old gov said…..the only thing these guys understand is when you flatten them.

  • Achmed

    Here is the proof all of modern science is based upon Islamic thought and discoveries.

    • terrence

      You are an imbecile, achmed – once again, you are making mooslimes, including YOU, look really REALLY STUPID.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Fuck Ben Kingsley.

    • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

      Ahmed, upvoting your own comment is not scientific proof that someone agrees with you.

    • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

      Merry Christmas Achmed, if you were a good boy maybe Santa will bring you a clue.

    • marty_p

      Yup Muslim contributions to science, medicine and technology are boundless that’s why just about every piece of technology in the modern Arab world is imported. With all of the oil money you’d think there would be Arab manufactured cars on the roads, an Arab space program, Arab fighter jets in the skies etc etc. Instead, the world gets crappy figs from Turkey and Egyptian cotton. Nothing else.
      When I was in Egypt in the 80’s I saw people south of Cairo watering their crops by drawing water from the Nile using Archimedes Screw (manually) old junk TTC streetcars modified to run as electric trains, and women washing clothes in the Nile. And Egypt is supposed to be one of the advanced Muslim countries.
      One of the rulers of Saudi Arabia has some urinary tract issues and they smuggled in an Israeli Dr – because there was No Mo capable of treating him.
      So Achmed enlighten us – list some of the MODERN inventions and medical treatments that your co-religionists have come up with…
      Reminds me of the Seinfeld episode with the black guy driving Elaine crazy about George Washington Carver and the peanut.

      • tom_billesley

        I travelled up the Nile valley in ’78. The houses had camel dung patties propped up against the walls, drying in the sun. It was their cooking fuel. Enough to make enviro-nuts misty eyed. Well, once the smoke got to them anyway. Cooking is exclusively women’s work there so no need for any improvements.

    • John

      Yes Achmed, Muslims lead the world in every last field of human endevour. And I must say that among the myriad of Muslim inventions, it’s the ‘suck-n-blow’ algebraic theorem that really stands out!

      You DO realize you’ll need to read MORE than just one book to get a good grasp of western science, don’t you?

  • Gary

    Don’t fall for the lies by the weasels in the Mosques that go on the CBC or our Radio waves to boast about all the great things islam invented.

    What these taqiyyah masters fail to admit is that the geniuses were not muslims from birth but merely forced conversion from Invasions or Dhimmi’s within islamic areas ruled by the quran and muslims.
    Many jews and Christians were the ones that advanced math and several Sciences but the muslims hijacked them to take the credit. Just pay attention to how the names of these Inventors are rarely mentioned by the muslims boasting
    that islam created the breakthroughs .

    Obama has now ordered NASA to promote islam which is to skew historical facts one day in the future . Even the fraudster Clockmed Muhammad got to meet the President by the big LIE that he Invented the Digital Clock , Clockmed’s sister’s camera phone took picture of her brother that had a NASA T-Shirt on to link Islam to NASA .
    Obama must have cut a deal with the family to leave America prior to the 2016 Election and they would get $15,000,000.00 in the guise of a Lawsuit which will help fund terrorism from Qatar .

    He was NOT arrested, that’s the other big lie by the Media via his anti-West sister and pro-sharia father. He was detained and cuffed for his safety when he became vague with his answer to question , he was 14 and covered by the Youth Justice Act in the USA .
    But hey, when did taqiyyah weasels care about the truth when they could get $15 million from Imam Obama.

    • Shebel

      Regardless of Religion ,I really still do believe in Karma. And I would not want to be that Evil little boy.

  • Xavier

    History is written by the winners. Their claims sound crazy right now but in 20-50 years they may not be disputed.

  • ismiselemeas

    A well written and researched article by someone with a clear understanding of the fundamentals. Perhaps Canada could unearth a similar voice.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Islam used to have fire but the inventor died.

  • andycanuck

    Even if the myth was true, the West used the zero to put a man on the moon in 300 years; the Moslems used the zero to count slaves more efficiently.

  • Shebel

    Muslims invented perpetual virgin babies .

  • Will Quest

    In an effort to assuage their humiliation as a no account civilization…. they tell fictions of a grandiose society.

  • tom_billesley

    Think of all the advances in medical science…..amputation techniques and camel urine therapy for two.

  • Ed

    muslim science = Harvey

  • John

    Muslims are pissed off, humiliated and angry that they’re constrained to compose themselves with a world, a modernity, that Islam had absolutely no role in creating. They have to conform to and live in a reality created outside of Islam by non-Muslims. Idiots. It’s a bitch when supremacists start to realize that everything they believe in and hold sacred has become totally irrelevant to the unfolding of human history. Their ‘eternal’ word of god was but a short blip on the radar, an obscene con job by a seventh century fraud artist

    And the fucking morons own it!

  • Allan

    “islamic science” an oxymoron if ever there was one.