Feds: American Said Gay Marriage Drove Him to Join Al Qaeda in Syria

A California 22-year-old who was too afraid to join ISIS was apprehended at the airport, allegedly on his way to join al Qaeda affiliate al Nusra.

The latest alleged American recruit for al Nusra was desperate to leave the country because the Supreme Court passed gay marriage.

  • luna

    So in fact Obama’s policies, not his opponents rhetoric motivate terrorism?

  • Minicapt

    Another example of the slippery slope in action.


    • Justin St.Denis

      All it takes is a hint of LGBTQWERTY stuff to come up, and the slope mysteriously gets even more slippery. Funny, that.

  • G

    Wow! THERE’S some unintended consequences! Oopsy. Teehee.

    Oh well, I’m certain our imperial SCOTUS judges don’t mind if a few “little people” get blown to bits by a car bomb or two. It’s a small price to pay so our ruling elites can feel good about themselves.

  • terrence

    Waddya expect from a good mooslime? Here is a quote from http://islam.about.com/od/islamsays/a/homosexuality.htm

    “Islam is clear in its prohibition of homosexual acts. Islamic scholars cite these reasons for condemning homosexuality, based on teachings of the Qur’an and Sunnah: It clashes with the “natural” order in which God created human beings

    It brings destruction of the family and the institutions of marriage

    It leads people to ignore God’s guidance in other areas of lifeIn Islamic terminology, homosexuality is alternatively called al-fahsha'(an obscene act), shudhudh (abnormality), or ‘amal qawm Lut(behavior of the People of Lut).

    Islam teaches that believers should neither participate in nor support homosexuality.”

    Other places the koran and or the hadith say to KILL homosexuals – just like ISIS regularly do.

    • I guess somebody forgot to tell the kid that although Gay marriage is legal, it isn’t obligatory (unless you are a 1st Grader going to Catholic school in Ontario, or you are a Christian who has a business, then Gay marriage is obligatory — Muslims are exempt!). Poor Adam was worried that he’d be forced to marry his best friend Ahmed, who, according to Adam: “the dude is kind of ugly”. And there were no other options besides terrorism? I plan to escape to the Caribbean.

  • Martin B

    So gay marriage is actually good for something, namely driving devout Mohammedans out of the country?

    • That’s why interim Prime Minister McCallum is having so much trouble reaching Justin’s refugee quota — apparently they couldn’t find 25,000 refugees who wanted to come to Canada. Last count was only about 8,000 total who signed up — after a great deal of coaxing.

      • Shebel

        Can you even begin to imagine if you are thinking about bringing the wife and kids to a new Country– and this watery eyed , wheezy, drunk, ,semi-crazy olde fool tells you all about the good life in Canada as he eyes your 2 year old daughter. ?

      • Will Quest

        interim Prime Minister McCallum, now talk about boozy-ways !

  • Justin St.Denis

    I didn’t read the whole article, but if the kid’s parents forced him into a gay marriage that he didn’t want, I am not surprised he became “more devout”. 😉

    (SARC disabled)

  • Gary

    Wait, were’t Obama and Hillary against that in 2009.
    But then saw how popular it was to help the Dem in 2012 so they both support same-gender marriage.

    Hillary and Obama are helping to recruit muslims for ISIS and Jihad.
    Liberalism is so funny because it will often come back to bite them on the butt.

    Time wounds all Heels .