Remind me to stay off the bridges…

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    We need a BCF member vacation to Brazil where we can all arm-up and ride around with the Brazilian cops.
    That would make Mamba’s year, and mine too!

  • dagawker

    Bridges are there to build connections,racist! 😉

  • AlanUK

    By the way, stay ON Brazilian bridges – it’s safer than falling off!
    (I’ll get my coat on the way out …)

  • bob e

    looks like we badly need to alert our russian crane operator mates ..

  • Xavier

    Global warming again. More money plz.

  • Clink9

    Using the old neck massage technique for possible spine injury. Classic third world.

  • ntt1

    Just think under accelerating multiculturalism this could be Canada in a few years. Of course as usual the Quebecois have broken trail by allowing the mafia to reduce cement ratios to sand castle standards they are already enjoying collapsing infrastructure

  • JoKeR

    You won’t need to visit Brazil to see that.

    In a few more years under Kathleen and Justin’s leaderships Ontario bridges will make those in Quebec look safe!