The year the West terrorised itself

At present, the willingness actively to fight for ISIS is confined to a tiny minority. But the fact that there is a significant body of passive support is ominous.

Nowhere is this more evident than in the way 9/11 is now perceived and understood by many sections of European society. Many members of Muslim communities readily believe 9/11 conspiracy theories, especially the idea that it was all a Jewish plot. Claims about the world made by the Islamic State and other similar groups exercise a far greater influence today than they did three or four years ago. There are now far more people living in Europe who silently applaud or approve of an event like the Paris attacks.

The growing influence of radical Islamic sentiments is paralleled by a growing moral and political disorientation within European public life. European society is finding it very difficult to respond to what has now become a war against its way of life. This is especially clear in education, where numerous teachers have said how tough it is to discuss such ‘controversial’ subjects as 9/11 or the Holocaust in the classroom. Some teachers avoid these topics altogether.

  • simus1

    muslims say they believe idiotic conspiracy theories because that is where their own safety lies. Spouting the truth beyond the ears of trusted relatives can be a life shortening experience.

  • Alain

    There they go again with the lie of “only a small minority”. Since Islam is saturated with anti-Semitism, Muslims will always believe any claim that something was a Jewish plot or whatever. This is another thing the Western Left shares with Islam.

  • Gary

    Sadly , when muslims embrace the conspiracy angle it infers that they see muslims in general as too stupid to have pulled it off so it had to be those really smart Joooooooz .