The year race made a comeback – In 2015, we saw the rise of a toxic new racialism.

‘I’ve always loathed the phrase ‘people of colour’. It’s awkward and dehumanising – one of those PC phrases that somehow manages to be more ‘Othering’ than the alternative. But I’ve been hearing a lot of it over the past year. The phrase, popularised by Eighties anti-racist activists, has crept into the mainstream – into newspaper columns, campus debates and Twitter slanging matches. That along with the inexorable tweeism ‘black folks’.

  • Gaylord Ponce

    As a person of pallor, I still prefer to call them The Negro. Apparently other appellations such as jigaboo and coon are no longer acceptable.

    • Clausewitz

      I feel like watching Blazing Saddles tonight. The film that could never be made today.

      • V10_Rob

        I use it as a litmus test. Anyone that finds it offensive and can’t laugh at it for what it is, I blacklist them mentally and give them a wide berth; they are almost certainly a mentally unstable liberal weeny.

        Makes a perfect Christmas gift on DVD or Bluray. Get it now before its banned outright

  • Frances

    We are all people of colour, as a “person of pallor”, mine varies considerably with the seasons.

  • spike

    Who’s the Blond? Is she claiming to be black because she has a few drops and somehow that means she was oppressed and denied her right full place to be a princess?