The Anti-Choice Left

The pro-choice left needs to rename itself what it really is, the “anti-choice left.” The term “pro-choice” is a misnomer, a farce. A cover for people hiding behind a name that misrepresents their true beliefs. With each passing day it becomes more apparent that those calling themselves pro-choice are not in favor of “choice” at all. For is not having the baby one of the choices?

Of course it is.

  • Alain

    They have never been pro-choice, which is just another example of standing the meaning in English on its head. They are pro-abortion and that is how we must call them.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      I followed the Texas abortion debate.
      I haven’t read too closely in that I haven’t read the legislation.
      But, it seemed to me that what they were trying to do there was make sure that abortion clinics, if they are to exist, must meet the same safety standards as hospitals.
      Yet, the debate was twisted by Wendy Davis and her supporters that this was somehow an unfair restriction of availability.
      In light of Kermit Gosnell and the recent set of undercover Planned Parenthood videos I think they should re-examine their arguments.
      By the way, I think Planned Parenthood are a bunch of vampires and when a leftist says those videos were edited when the long versions are freely available they should be rebutted with that fact instead of sidestepped.

      • Xavier

        They were trying to ensure that abortion clinics were close to hospitals to treat any emergency that arose. That was spun as denying abortions to rural areas.

      • JohnDoe610

        The unedited versions show what sound and fury signify.

      • Brian Jones

        From what I remember, it wasn’t even hospital-level standards, just the same ones dentists’ offices need to meet for safety and cleanliness.

        An abortion is far more invasive even than a root canal, but these idiots object to even such wishy washy standards as we hold nail salons to.

        I always thought it was funny that you can find a ton of articles online about how important it is to make sure your nail salon sterilizes tools and is clean and safe, but suggest the same thing about an abortion clinic where they basically do surgery (even if one accepts the leftist proposition that the fetus isn’t a baby, fact is they’re removing something that is attached to a woman’s internal organs), and you’re a horrible monster who wants to harm women.

        Right… because no woman will be harmed by infections from dirty tools, right? The whole “if you don’t want women put at undue risk, you’re putting women at undue risk” thing is bizarre pretzel logic.

    • THANK YOU!

  • roccolore

    Liberals are the real anti-choicers who attack women who choose NOT to abort.

    • simus1

      Our rulers need to make it very clear to those outside the elitist stockades that they are forbidden to breed without suitable evaluation and permission.

    • Gary

      Except for Justin’s wife that has 3 children as a pro-Lifer , but then again….Justin married a Canada background White heterosexual Catholic makes a mockery of their Liberal value for Diversity and being pro-Immigrant ans anti-racism .
      Justin wants to have the luxury of pointing at others as anti-immigrant racist islamophobes and anti-women pro-lifers while he himself wouldn’t Marry a non-white non-Canadian non-catholic pro-choice transgender person.
      His wife is everything the Liberals claim to be against.

      Nice example Justin , most racist misogynists homophobes
      try to hide it .

  • ontario john

    And please remember, its all right to kill your children before they are born, but you can’t spank them.

  • Xavier

    They just like killing unborn children.
    That is the choice they’re protecting.

  • JohnDoe610

    You’re an idiot. The point is a woman can choose whether or not to abort a fetus.

    But let’s talk about “pro-life”. Those “pro-lifers” never seem to oppose war or the death penalty. Guess once the fetus is out its on its own?

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Once a fetus commits a capital crime it is out on it’s own.
      What the fuck is wrong with you take a life you forsake your own?
      I’m going to goad you and say that logic is not your strong suit.
      In a mood to rant.
      Not yet, though.
      I’ll expend the energy when you further demonstrate what a fucking dink you are.

      • JohnDoe610

        Someone is off their meds.

        • Dance’s point seems pretty straightforward. He’s saying that an unborn baby is innocent, while a murderer is not. A person of your evidently awesome intelligence should be able to grasp this.

          • JohnDoe610

            Fun fact, a baby cannot be unborn. But I digress.

            My point is this: you either believe life begins at conception and abortion in all cases is wrong, you oppose IVF, you oppose war, and you oppose the death penalty, or you’re a hypocrite and a fraud.

          • A thing isn’t a fact, fun or otherwise, just because you say it is. To what authority do you appeal for that definition of “baby”? It magically turns from a whatsit into a human infant the second it exits the birth canal?

            “Fact”, forsooth.

            There’s no principled argument that can be made in favour of capital punishment? This simply doesn’t exist, again because you have pronounced? What are you, 12?

          • JohnDoe610

            No, there’s absolutely a principled element for capital punishment. I have a nuanced opinion on the death penalty and war. But you don’t get to claim that you’re “pro-life” when you’re really anti-choice.

            Yes, it becomes a baby when it’s born. Do we celebrate a child’s birthday on the day of its conception?

          • Do you oppose slavery? If so, why are you so keen to deny me the the freedom to own a slave if that is my choice? If you don’t like slavery, don’t buy a slave.

            By the way, if you did read the article, I wonder if you can explain to me why NOW opposed that Tim Tebow Superbowl ad.

          • JohnDoe610

            Are you familiar with the thought exercise about the violinist?

          • Yes. I loath abortion but I do think an argument can be made in favour of keeping it legal, at least in some circumstances, on the grounds laid out in that argument. It is, after all, a woman’s own body.

            I wonder why NOW hated that Superbowl ad so much.

          • JohnDoe610

            Here’s my feeling about abortion (and it’s why I say I’m pro-choice): you are absolutely entitled to your opinion on it. That you think it’s wrong and heinous and never acceptable is something I would never try to convince you against. But it’s a woman’s right to choose. That’s what I come down to. I trust a woman to make that decision.

            As for the Tebow ad, if you said, “there’s going to be a Super Bowl ad from Focus on the Family and starring Tim Tebow about abortion” my expectations would… not be high.

          • JohnDoe610

            Because the purpose of the Tim Tebow ad was produced by a hate group to persuade Americans that women shouldn’t be allowed to control their reproductive destiny

        • By the way, what is this nonsense about how people who would like to criminalize abortion don’t “oppose war”? Who exactly is in favour of war? Who are these people who think war is a good thing in and of itself? Could I talk to one of them?

          • JohnDoe610

            In America we call them neoconservatives. Again, you’re not pro-life. You’re anti-choice. Killing is okay to you as long as you’re the one calling the shots.

          • You’re right, John. I’m really turned on by killing.

            Typical arrogant, angry, sanctimonious lefty git. Go play elsewhere.