Seymour Hersh Says…

US military provided Syria’s Assad with intel on militants: report

WASHINGTON – The Pentagon’s Joint Chiefs of Staff has been indirectly providing Syrian military with intelligence on extremists fearing the Obama administration’s agenda to oust Bashar al-Assad will engender total chaos in Syria, the Russia Today channel reported on Tuesday.

A new investigation in the London Review of Books by renowned American journalist Seymour M Hersh exposes the divide between the US top military brass and the politicians in the White House when it comes to dealing with the militants in Syria and Iraq.

It seems the US military is not enthusiastic about Obama’s “Assad must go” maxima, opting to provide Damascus with intelligence and analytics on the militants instead. This is – however – done indirectly, an unidentified former senior adviser to the Joint Chiefs told Hersh.


I do get that Hersh is not well regarded, however I would not be so quick to discount this.

  • MRHapla

    sure, but which militant extremists,,ours, theirs or TBL, ??

  • mauser 98

    therefore part of US military performed an act of mutiny

  • Ho Hum

    Here is a link to Hersh’s fascinating investigative report

    Of course some will dismiss this as a “conspiracy theory” but Hersh has won a Pulitzer Prize and has uncovered major past scandals.

    If this information is true Barack Obama is a war criminal who should be impeached and charged with treason.

  • Ho Hum

    This is getting more traction

  • luna

    This sounds very plausible. It’s a dangerous precedent resulting directly from Obama’s inability and/or unwillingness to lead or get out of the way.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    To be charitable to Hersh, he has a credibility problem.

  • Minicapt

    SHersh is as reliable as Obambi. His accounts are replete with expert witnesses who never can be identified. He won a Pulitzer for uncovering the My Lai massacre, using the USArmy’s published accounts from Calley’s trial.
    Alex Jones and Lyndon LaRouche are paragons of veracity when compared to SHersh.


  • simus1

    Hersh is to crazy journalism what the North Koreans are to torture.