Satanists rescind offer to protect Muslims

Okey Dokey.

  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    From the headline I was under the impression that the Wynne government had a change of heart……

  • ontario john

    Has this something to do with the united church?

  • Dana Garcia

    Whatever happened to the spirit of ecumenism between satanists and allah-bots?

    You would think they would be a perfect fit as pals.

  • Xavier

    Santa was protecting Moslems? WTF?

    Oh. Never mind.

  • Brian Jones

    Gawd, I despise the Satanic Temple. And I’ve known quite a few members of the old Church of Satan that feel the same way. I think this is the only “rival” group of Satanists the CoS’s high priest has specifically denounced, and with good reason.

    So they’re all about being provocative and destroying the status quo and shitting on religious belief… when it’s Christians. Never mind that the Muslims would execute every one of those infidels while Christians will simply ignore them or maybe -gasp!- say something they don’t like.

    But that’s something the Satanic Temple and the Islamists have in common: mindless destruction in order to try to gain supremacy and dominate the culture according to their own whims, majority preference be damned.

    At best the Satanic Temple are petulant little leftist brats. At worst they’re totalitarian zealots.