Refugee and migrant arrivals in EU pass one million in 2015, says UN

The number of refugees and migrants arriving by land and sea in the European Union has passed one million this year, while a further 3,600 died or went missing, the UN refugee agency and the International Organization for Migration said on Tuesday.

Half of those arriving were Syrians fleeing the war, another 20 per cent were Afghans, and 7 per cent were Iraqis, the two agencies said in a joint statement.

  • Achmed

    1 down 59 to go! And Amerika next!

  • Minicapt

    Never a wayward driver when he could be useful.


  • ed

    1 million = 2500 euros a month =30 billion euros a year “jizya tax “

  • Hard Little Machine

    And with family unification laws on the books now expect that to grow to 9 million soon.