Probe into Islamic courts dispensing ‘justice’ will start within weeks amid fears over spread of Sharia law in the UK

An independent inquiry into UK Sharia courts ordered by Home Secretary Theresa May will get underway in the new year and report in 2016, it has been confirmed today.

The probe follows growing concern about how the courts operate a parallel justice system which works against women in Muslim communities.

Speaking at the Home Affairs Select Committee last week Mrs May said she was aware of concerns and promised a review to MPs.

  • After 30+ years someone in the government finally wakes up.

    They are bound to find another excuse.

  • P_F

    Me think, once the report is presented Ms. May & her cons will legitimate most of these sharia courts.

    • They are afraid of what multiculturalism and an insane immigration has wrought.

  • Blacksmith

    Pretending to do something are they?