North Korea slams Canada’s reaction to pastor’s life sentence as slander

“Public officials of Canada, including its premier, have been rashly unleashing malicious slander against our republic about the hard labour for life sentence against him,” the North’s KCNA news agency quoted a North Korean Foreign Ministry spokesman as saying.

“We cannot suppress outrage that the Canadian government dares to pick a quarrel with our fair and just judicial decision speaking of ‘concern’ and ‘violation of international law’ when its citizen has committed a vicious crime against us.”


Don’t worry Kim, Justin will apologize.

  • andycanuck

    He’s just jealous of Justin’s hairdresser.

  • David Murrell

    Meanwhile, over at the CBC News web site, there is a debate emerging. One half of loyal CBC readers side with the good Kim, saying the Christian preacher had it coming. But the other side support dear Justin, thinking that perhaps North Korea was a tad harsh on the human rights activist. This is the political reality at the corrupt broadcasting corporation.

    • ontario john

      I notice the CBC is excited about its new upcoming show about people arriving at an airport. Probably will have a new show next year called “Watching Paint Dry”.

    • That is sick.

      • Alain

        And it is treason.

  • ontario john

    Justin will say sorry, and vow to ban all churches in Canada, so as not to piss off North Korea’s master, China.

  • New Centurion

    “Sunny ways, sunny ways my friends”

  • Spatchcocked

    Gents…….you had Little Mosque on the Prairie for how many years….THAT was the beginning of the end……

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Did that show ever have any episodes about Somali drug dealers in Edmonton and Fort Mac?
      Or would that have been too much like the Beachcombers?

  • ntt1

    I would love to see the Pyongyang doughboy rock that haircut for an hour or so at portage and main.

  • Physics grad

    Turdeau admires North Korea for their totalitarian form of government…

  • HJM

    I think that the DPRK is leading the way to a totalitarian world-wide government where one man rules with loyal minority at top and balance of people as slaves. Total and absolute control of the masses, a Liberal’s dream.

  • Edubeat

    etc.etc.When you use Clairol only Kim Jung Un Deux Trois’ hairdresser knows for sure (Or does he use brilliantine to slick it down)

  • PoliWach

    Predictable! Trudeau thinks he can “NICE” all his foes. Interesting times ahead.
    PM Harper, hence Canada, had a great reputation around the world.
    How the hell did Justin manage to piss off North Korea?

    • Will Quest

      Will ti-PET phone Kim demanding the release of a Canadian citizen , or is that reserved for imprisoned muslim journalists ?
      Where is that Tran Clooney ?