Mall of America Pushes Back Against ‘Black Lives Matter’ Lawlessness

Last Christmas, the social protest movement known as “Black Lives Matter” staged an unauthorized demonstration at the Mall of America in Minnesota. Response from law enforcement was tepid and ineffectual. A judge dismissed charges filed against BLM organizers earlier this year. Sensing weakness, BLM has announced its intentions to invade the mall again this week.

This time, however, mall management isn’t taking the threat lying down.

  • Xavier

    Pool’s Mall’s closed.

  • Xavier

    Pool’s Mall’s closed.

    • Exile1981

      Shoot tresspassers and looters.

  • Clausewitz

    Call the local animal management people. I’m sure they have a couple of dozen skunks in captivity. The mall will have to be fumigated afterwards anyway.

  • Xavier

    I have a hilarious graphic to post here.
    But it will get me banned.
    If I proxy in on a guest account no one will know.
    I can trust you guys to not tell the mods, right?

  • Brett_McS

    All BLM events, such as ‘spontaneous’ looting and rioting in response to a court decision, are carefully planned and organised.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Private property. Beat them to death with bats.

  • Petrilia

    Mall of America owned by Canadians. Let’s see how this next judge rules.

  • Gary

    Goebbels had his Brown-Shirt street thugs to enforce the State Thought-Control. Obama has his BLM street Thugs that riot and loot to create division and pus Obama’s agenda no matter how twisted and perverse it is.

    • AlanUK

      I have a quandary. You posted “pus”.
      This could have been a mis-type for “push”.
      Otherwise it could have been correct and you were referring to Obama’s agenda as a “septic discharge”.
      I don’t know which …

  • John

    Unlike Young St or Ste Catherine St a mall is private property. Mall management has the right to restrict access or to ban people deemed undesirable or disruptive. In any case, just toss a bucket of chicken wings into the middle of the BLM crowd and then watch the fur fly.