Leftist Media Ignore Islamic Terrorist Groups

It is intriguing that mainstream media has focused on violent terrorist acts of the Islamic State (IS or ISIS), a radical Sunni Islamist group, while they are deliberately avoiding raising awareness about other Islamist terrorist groups that are as brutal as ISIS, if not worse.

The other groups that I am referring to are primarily the Iranian-backed radical Islamist militias.

  • pdxnag

    Suppose that Trump, in response to all the pro-Islam crap, had a Violent Koran Passage of The Day thing to highlight the inherent evil of Islam. Rather than just say Muslims this and Muslims that he would redirect to the actual words inciting hate and violence.

    All these violent Islamic groups and all members of the OIC point to the same primary source material.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Who do you think pays the liberal media? J-Street really is an Iranian front for example.