Add to Newspeak dictionary: Bureaugamy

A friend writes to say: I recently learned of a new sociological term for the increasingly widespread practice of having babies out of wedlock in the expectation that the government will fill the role which used to filled by the outdated concept of a “husband”: it’s called “bureaugamy.”

Curiously, under the circumstance, the government actually has more power over the woman than a typical Western world husband would.

But it might be awkward, possibly dangerous, to even bring it up to her.


  • My Baby Crat’

  • Exile1981

    That’s wrong that thete are enough people doing it they had to coin a word.

  • andycanuck

    I thought bureaugamy was folding bullshit into napkins and things like that?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Current course and speed, the government will decide to simply take all those babies and rear them in government centers w.o. even bothering to try to get them adopted. They will be lifelong wards of the government.