Syrian Refugees Aren’t Like Jewish Refugees

Why comparing Syrians today to those fleeing the Holocaust is a false analogy.

Speaking at the National Achieves in Washington DC on Tuesday (December 15, 2025), President Barack Hussein Obama compared the Syrian refugees now flooding Europe with Jewish refugees during World War Two (WWII), a comparison that is an insult to history and truth. Six million Jews were murdered in gas chambers, shot and buried in pits throughout the Ukraine, White Russia, and the Baltic states, while the world looked the other way; Syrian refugees have been able to find shelter, however uncomfortable, in Turkey, Lebanon, and Jordan. Europeans who refused to shelter Jews, and in fact turned them over to the Nazis to be murdered in Auschwitz and other death camps, i.e. Vichy, France, are now welcoming the Syrian refugees, especially Angela Merkel’s Germany.

  • Martin B

    Just cheap posturing and bullying – if you don’t want a flood of Syrians, you’re just like the Nazis! – par for the course for Obama.

    • Justin St.Denis

      The Left and Progressives are disempowering the very words “Nazi” and “Hitler” by overusing them, applying them inappropriately, and generally behaving like illiterate douchebags. Sorry, they ARE illiterate douchebags. I simply forgot momentarily. My apologies. 😉

  • zee

    It probably seems valid to someone with as little knowledge of history as Obama. He really is an ignorant man.
    BTW, if he’s so concerned about those in refugee camps, why is he bringing Syrians from Lebanon who’ve been there a year or two and not palesimians who’ve been in Lebanese refugee camps 65+ years?

    • Xavier


      What a wonderful and accurate term. Well done.

    • Never ceases to amaze me how people can make analogies like that. Anyone who has seen a documentary on the Holocaust (and there are plenty of them out there — tons of footage, the Nazis themselves proudly filmed it) will come away from the experience knowing that they have witnessed something incomparable in human history. I don’t think Obama has watched a single documentary or read a single book on the subject. Barack Hussein went to school in Indonesia as a kid and attended Islamic school — his father was Muslim.

      The only thing comparable to the Holocaust in terms of inhumanity and sheer antisemitism is the Islamic Caliphate envisioned by ISIS and other Muslims, should it succeed. Obama’s got history backwards.

  • Alain

    The truth is that they do not meet the requirements of being refugees and therefore are not refugees. Never before have we seen “refugees” composed of young males of military age carrying iPhones, laptops and whatever else claiming to be refugees and host countries buying the lie.

  • Tanya

    Obama is a fool!
    His war on western traditions and values is nothing more than treason!

    • Norman_In_New_York

      He is not a fool. The jihadist-in-chief knows what he’s doing.

  • bob e

    i will never, ever understand thje behaviour toward the jews..