Peace bonds increasingly a weapon in fight against terror as officials ‘punish’ Canadians who ‘may’ commit crimes

TORONTO — In a courtroom with a caged window and walls the colour of a coffee spill, the wooden benches were packed with people who looked like they didn’t want to be there, many of them making their first appearances on drug charges.

But when federal prosecutor Howard Piafsky stood to address the bench on a recent morning, he explained that his case was “in relation to terrorist activity.” The defendant, 19-year-old Abdul Aziz Aldabous, had been arrested in Toronto by national security police.

He had not, however, been charged with any crime.

  • Reader

    Please let them go and don’t let them back in ever.

    Their families should also be investigated to see if they were part of encouraging them and if so, send them to follow their children and don’t let them back either.

    • Justin St.Denis


  • andycanuck

    So Mr Bell wants them only to be arrested after they’ve committed a terror attack and not committed to keep the f#cking peace when they’re merely suspected when e.g. they’ve only got the bomb plans and castor beans for sarin but haven’t actually begun work on them physically to warrant an arrest for a lower-level crime of making a bomb or making/attempting to make sarin. Okay. I suppose proving that it’s lucky the 9/11 plotters weren’t arrested on 9/10 or ACLU would have gone ape in their defence.

  • Justin St.Denis

    The fly in the ointment not mentioned in this piece-of-shit article is this: ISIS has declared war on us, even mentioned Canada by name in a couple of its ritualistically threatening videos. Ergo, Canada is in defensive mode (at war with ISIS, in effect). Hence, ISIS is Canada’s enemy in a declared and ongoing war.

    Let’s turn the clock back to, say, 1941. Would Canada’s government let citizens express support and/or provide material support to a declared enemy – the German Nazis – in an ongoing war? The answer is NO, and that is likely a part of why we WON that war.

    Just pointing out the obvious.

  • Xavier

    Declare Islam illegal and the “no crime” issue becomes moot.
    At least try it for a century or two.

  • mauser 98

    thought crime
    not for them .. for us