Ottawa Choir’s welcoming song praising Muhammad’s jihad against Christians

Oh my.

  • andycanuck

    That was the day after the Armenian-Syrians were (hypocritically) greeted by the Clown Prince at the airport so I had the impression that the audience was made of them as well that makes it twice as bad.

  • Gary

    Wow , the Liberal leftist progressives aren’t even waiting for them to be Canadian’s before they poison them to hate Canada and Christians.

    Less propaganda work for the Public schools and University Campus to do .
    Next stop will be the Pro-hamas Anti-Israel/USA rallies

  • Cat-astrophe

    Sick. I am embarrassed for the Syrians. This Prime minster is an embarrassment to all thinking Canadians.

  • Kathy Prendergast

    Hasn’t anyone told them that some (possibly a lot) of the Syrian refugees coming here are Christians?

    • If that were true, PM Trulander would have them deported immediately.

      • Raymond Cameron

        The idea is to send a few hundreds of Christians first so Canadians will believe that all the following “refugees” will be as well behaved as these first ones. Of course, the following 150 000 will be almost exclusively muslims.

        • One does not expect these “immigrants” to behave nor does one expect Trudeau not to return Christians.

    • Gary

      The first plane loads are the Refugees that are sponsored under Harpers reign and yet Justin did his Photo op at the Airport as if he brought them in.
      Justin’s refugees are 100% welfare cases with NO sponsors , so please be honest and do the research because these Syrians were screened almost 2 years ago.

      It’s a Liberal scam to make us feel good because his refugees will come from the UN camps where Christians are beaten up by the same muslims Justin is rescuing.

  • vimy