Must-see ISIS recruiting video uses American politician (and it ain’t Trump)

Hillary Clinton has got a lot of ‘splainin to do. And just wait until Donald Trump takes a look at the ISIS recruiting video below that zooms in on a picture of her husband as it denounces “fornicators” among the American infidels.

  • Hate to agree with ISIS, but fornication is also prohibited in the Bible. Except Christians don’t kill people for fornicating. And in this case, under Islamic law, it probably wouldn’t be Bill Clinton who would be punished — it would be Hillary who would be stoned to death for failing to meet her husband’s sexual needs. Maybe if people like the Clintons took their forefathers’ Christian faith a little more seriously, the U.S. wouldn’t be so morally depraved due to anti-Christian government policies.

    I hope somebody forwarded this vid to “the Donald”.

    • Comments beginning “Hate to agree with ISIS, but…” so rarely go anywhere good 🙂

  • barryjr

    Poor Hilary even Huff Po and NYT have basically called her a liar.

  • Reader

    Do the Clinton. Sorry it is only 38 seconds of the song

  • Ed

    Any story with the words “Hillary” and “fornication” in it are not good for one’s mental health.