Merry Christmas! Here’s where Christians are persecuted in the Muslim world

In July, Pope Francis called the persecution of Christians in the Middle East “a form of genocide.” The plight of Christians in Iraq and Syria has been well-documented in the media since ISIS seized a massive swath of both countries last year, but harassment and violence against Christians occurs all over the Muslim world. This Christmas, don’t forget about these persecuted Christian groups.

  • Petrilia

    I will not forget the Christians in the Middle East this Christmas and I will be praying for them. But I will not forgive the Pope and the Archbishop of Canterbury for their lackadaisical words, if any. They have been a disgrace to Christianity everywhere. Those two men have it in their power to fight to protest to say Christianity I’ll not put up with the torture, murder and genocide of Christians, especially at the hand of Muslims. I am afraid we in the churches only have these two pantywaists to lead us. What have they done? Nothing. Well, the Pope says global warning. What a disgr#ce for the Christian Churches. I suppose it means, We the People will have to Lead them. And they wonder why there are empty pews.

  • pdxnag

    The genocide that we cannot call a genocide because genocidal Muslims faithfully following their holy books and the example of Mohammad would be “offended.” And we all know what Muslims do when they are offended.

    Another useful link:

    • Gary

      Justin endorsed the Welcoming song to the Muslims coming in from Syria which is an islamic song praising muhammad’s jihad to kill Christians.

      yes folks, Liberals are so tolerant they will assure muslims that they too can follow muhameds example and murder Christians here in Canada.

      Justin doesn’t want to wait for the School to poison them with jew-hatred and anti-canada propaganda …..he’s sanctioning islamic jihad slaughters in Canada which means that the Subways and Malls wil la dangerous places for non-muslims.

  • ontario john

    The political and media elites continue the lies of islamophobia running rampant across Canada, while thousands of Christians are being killed every year by the death cult around the world. And the mainline liberal churches do nothing to protect the faith. They are more interested in global warming scams, homosexuals, and whiny indians.