Broken promises piling up for Trudeau

Stephen Harper ran on his record. Tom Mulcair had a program for governing. But the Trudeau Liberals had a plan to win an election.

Now, with the election safely over, the broken promises are piling up.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Dear BCF:

    I suspect I am speaking for more than myself here when I request the use of an “illustration” of the current Cdn. PM as opposed to actual pics of the idiot, esp. pics from his Three Musketeers period. I am not alone in struggling against “Elvis moments” in which I wish to kill the current Cdn. PM by as painful a means as I can come up with. I have taken to asking the Terminal Disease Fairy to visit the Trudeau’s and leave a little legacy behind extremely frequently, and no cancer survivor feels good about that.

    In brief, I suspect that the less We see the Cdn. PM’s countenance, the more balanced will be visitors’ comments. Please consider…

    Also, Sophie – the PM’s current whore – can also be safely ignored.

    Thanks a bunch! 😉

    • This will have to do.

      • ‘Cept the interim PM — Prime Minister McCallum — is filling in while Trudeau is “out to lunch”. Fashion mags are only the beginning — he still has to do the Hollywood circuit.

        • Surele Surele

          The View is next. Whoopi and Justin, two intellectual giants.

          • Justin St.Denis

            I’d rather stick pins in my eyes that watch that.

          • Surele Surele

            Don’t have tv but had the dubious pleasure to see Whoopi storm from the stage when a guest (O’Reilly?) expressed views contrary to the lefties’ (bible) koran.

            Notice how disqus corrects the word koran typed with a small first letter, but not the word bible.

      • Justin St.Denis

        You may cause Elvis Moments. You can live wih that? UBmean2Me!Y?

    • Observer

      That is going a bit too far. How about just finding a bunch of Turdeau groupies who have the worst possible cases of Herpes and paying for them to visit him. I am sure his ego will get the best of him and he will get the gift that keeps on giving and itching.

    • vimy

      hows this

  • Spatchcocked

    Never mind the bollocks! Where’s my fricking dope?
    Where’s the fricking maranoia you promised you fricking ACTOR.

    • Justin St.Denis


      Didn’t we all KNOW this is how things would turn out? Only dedicated stoners could possibly have believed the Idiot.

      • dance…dancetotheradio

        I’ve told everyone I know that he won’t get government into the business of selling dope.
        First, there’s that UN treaty some Canadian signed us on to.
        Second, people are not going to pay two or three times the going street rate for legal dope.
        Third, government dope is going to be of poor quality.
        Fourth, the present black market distribution system functions in a manner far superior to any government can imagine.
        I can ask my kids to call a friend and it will be delivered to my house within the hour.
        Now, I don’t smoke dope because it does my head in for days.
        I don’t enjoy it at all.

        • I’m allergic to it, have to be very careful — teenie tiny amounts heavily mixed with tabacky. If you are allergic to summer weeds, pollen, etc., you will likely be allergic to Maria. And the stuff today is super-potent — not your “hippy weed” from the ’60’s. An allergic reaction can land you in the hospital.

          Just an FYI that the government isn’t likely to tell you. We’re talking big cash cow here.

        • Justin St.Denis

          My wife makes butter with it. Her Peanut Butter Cookies are a family favorite. Very calming.

    • Calm down everybody — the dope is coming. According to Rebel Media last night Wynne is already talking about distributing it through the LCBO.

      Phew, just in time. ‘Cept I think I’ll play it safe and continue buying from street dealers — I trust them more than the Libs.

    • Canadian

      He`s still negotiating with the bikers who want compensation for the potential loss of revenue.

    • dukestreet

      Excuse me. Get it right. Part-time, not even an actor. Part time drama teacher. You heard of the old adage: Those who can,do. Those who can’t teach. I believe he falls under that category.

      I am certainly not surprised by this.

  • Fredrick. Allen.Ginsberg

    If a promise is broken by the liberals and the MSM ignores it, was it ever really broken? Sunny f-ing days indeed.

    • The old “if a tree falls in the forest” observation. A question that quantum physics has struggled to answer forever. You honestly have to be a rocket scientist to understand that level of corruption.

    • rufusrastasjohnsonbrown

      ‘Sunny f-ing days indeed’
      this is now liberal Canada
      so that should be
      ‘Sunni f-ing days indeed

  • Denis

    I remember his father beating Stanfield with a promise to not introduce wage and price controls. like a typical lieberal he introduced these very soon after getting elected. You can always count on a liberal politician to lie like crazy to get elected and then adopt the ” I never said that” mode afterwards!

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      And then there was the gas tax that Clark tabled in his budget that PET brought in as soon as he got back in.

    • mauser 98

      Stanfield… best PM we never had

      • Canadian

        Name rings a bell. Didn`t he make men`s underwear?

        • Clausewitz

          Fact is that he indeed comes from that family.

  • Exile1981

    I was traveling through a reservation the other day and there was a big sign saying “day 40 as PM; where is our money”

    • Alain

      LOL. “our money”?

      • Exile1981

        It should have said where is our kickbacks

        • Alain

          Yes and no. I am just making a point of it being the money of Canadian tax payers and not their money. It is always the same with them and all leftists that they are entitled to the money of others.

          • Exile1981

            I agree with you I was just making a funny with the kickbacks comment.

      • BillyHW

        They love their Queen.

    • mauser 98

      take a picture and send everywhere

      • Exile1981

        If I go that way and it’s still intact I will. It was make of poster board so not sure how well it is doing in the winds we have had last few days.

    • BillyHW

      No representation without taxation.

  • ontario john

    I am sending an email to iman Trudeau asking for his support in complaining to the CRTC, about the weather channel playing Christmas music during their updates. Think of the poor muslim Syrian refugees, sitting in their hotel rooms waiting for room service, and they turn on the tv and hear Christmas music. Is there no end to their suffering.

    • BillyHW

      It’s just like Nazi Germany.

  • Tokenn

    Oh come on, folks…did we really believe him? Remember when his father ran an election campaign _against_ a moderate program of Wage and price controls [Robert Stanfield era] and then brought them in himself? Who expects anything different this time around?

    Justin Trudeau isn’t a political leader…he’s more like a mascot…

  • Canadian

    He promised that I`ll be poorer, and I believe he`ll do it.