A friend doesn’t know what to make of “Requiem for Europe”

It’s still on YouTube below, 7:07 PM EST

Reality check: I don’t know either. Only this:

Mark Steyn notes that demography is a game of last man standing.

When European chose to have abortions and consumerism, they were bound to be replaced by a population that chose to have children and religion.

And who is to say it isn’t fair?

The demographic facts predict nothing in particular about human well-being or cultural achievement over time. They are merely an outcome of the difference between, say, 0 and 5.

At least Europeans chose it. And at least I can say I spent much of my life warning people.

Note: The high-tech society may not need many people, but that has nothing to do with the fact that many people from all over the world will desire the goods and services of the high tech society.

See also: Will robots take all jobs? No. But a great many.

  • Exile1981

    Europe is so screwed. The comments on Youtube are people claiming refugees are less likely to commit crimes vs. native Europeans.

    • Cripes.

      • Exile1981

        lefty trolls with their heads so far up they haven’t seen the light of day or had fresh air in years.

        • William Watson

          A “recta-cranial inversion” being the proper name for the condition from which they suffer.

        • Ottawa Eyes

          I have no doubt that most of these socialist trolls are either paid for or the groups they belong to are funded by foreign interests to undermine our society.

    • Petrilia

      But the comments on Breitbart telling us how crime statistics are being played with so they mean nothing at all. A German police commissioner accuses Germany of playing with the numbers, UK police agree. I have seen this video wherein these dear little children in Sweden are USED by their own government to promote this sick multiculturalism when they know damn well Sweden, because of these migrants, will be bankrupt soon. Yet, they lie. The Worst of the Worst is that they have all these dear little blonde Swedish children holding their finger up in the Islamic State pose. Where are the Swedish parents of these Swedish children? Do they not know what their innocent children are signing with that finger up in the Islamic State Salute, to all those back in the Middle East? Parents in Sweden, get a grip. Have you no honour, no pride in your past? Open your eyes.

      • What I fear these days, seeing the news from Sweden, is that Swedes might overnight decide for ‘mass conversion’ to Islam. They are spiritually so lost that they might well do something so foolish out of despair. Mass religious conversions have existed in history, sometimes top-down, sometimes by popular demand.

        • Exile1981

          If they do it will start a dominoe of other european countries.

          • Sweden is particularly fragile, psychologically. Another country that might go nuts after it would be, paradoxically, Spain.

          • Exile1981

            France too

          • It is possible, but I see a greater popular and political resistance to the Arabs/Muslims in the French than in the Spanish.

        • Ottawa Eyes

          Sweden will have to get that “offensive” cross out of their flag!

        • Etobicoke_Gladiator

          I fear you may be correct. The post-Christian secularized materialistic atheistic/agnostic socialist European “culture” of Sweden and elsewhere in Europe has left such a profound void in so many peoples’ souls that mass conversions might come about.

          The reasons, I predict, will be multicausal, namely:

          (1) relationships of teens/adults with migrants and since the latter are attached to Islam, the European individual with “no belief” will simply adopt Islam as their religion, too;

          (2) further acts of terrorism will, paradoxically, promote Islam as a religious option for many, largely to stay safe as the violence becomes worse and more frequent in Europe;

          (3) the collapse of socialism forces people to do some soul searching as the infrastructure and economy erodes, but Islam will remain resilient and so people will flock to it.

          *head shaking*

          • Yeah, nature abhors a vacuum, even in the mental sphere.

          • I would add that it is easier for an atheist to become a religious fanatic (Muslim) overnight, than for a religious person (Christian) to change religion. And as far as I can see, Sweden has altogether abandoned Christianity (to which they were late adherents, only a thousand years ago, anyway).

            Furthermore, the Swedes are specially vulnerable, because they have for the past two or three generations been brought up in a herd mentality, conforming from kindergarten onward to standards set by leftist educators. They are therefore potentially easily influenced by mass movements.

          • Etobicoke_Gladiator

            Indeed. Nonetheless, Poland, which of course remained Roman Catholic and didn’t change to Lutheranism during the Reformation, is staunchly RC religiously and culturally, for the most part, and anti-migrant for the most part. This is an incredible fact considering the years of communism. It helps, of course, to be in between Germany and Russia to develop a unique culture!

            In any case, Sweden is finished. Not a matter of if, just when. Yes, an atheist can become a Muslim overnight, but a person reasonably attached to Christianity would find it difficult.

          • dukestreet

            Since we are headed in the same direction,we are not too far behind them.

          • dukestreet

            True Christians will not convert, but, one of the big problems in a lot of main stream churches is that they fail to look at the true differences between Christianity & Islam. Therefore, setting themselves up to believe the crap they are told about Islam. So, they start to invite them to worship and change their worship to encourage more interconnectedness. The result is Chrislam. Which is very dangerous indeed. The Pope and others saying that everyone will go to heaven regardless of their belief also is a problem.

            Christianity is the only faith, where people are expected to worship a God, who sets the standard above human capacity and then, God provides a means beyond human reason to reach that standard.

            Other religions tell humanity that they can satisfy god by human effort..If your religion tells you that you can reach the creator of everything through your own efforts, it’s time to question your faith.

            Only God can provide the way to meet His standards. Humans can’t do it,it’s beyond our capability.

          • Christian-Muslim interfaith is a one-way street, with the Christians giving ground and the Muslims taking it. It will not happen the other way round, because tolerance is not a value or virtue in the latter’s minds.

            As regards human effort and Divine grace, I believe (as a Jew) that both are necessary for salvation. I do think that Christians, some of them at least, think the same (i.e. that humans are called upon to act responsibly, in accord with moral standards of value and virtue), even if the doctrine is officially that all are saved by grace automatically. As regards Muslims, I believe they are essentially fatalists, which means that they take no responsibility for their actions, no matter how evil; they therefore act like children, like zombies.

          • P_F

            Sad BUT absolutely true not only for Europe but for our Canada too, slid has already started here at least in major towns.
            White dames going for mohammedans & blacks whereas men are bringing in women from souteast Asia.
            Our society is so morally bankrupt, it’s seems beyond redemption now.

        • MRHapla

          they have all that unused leisure time, lifting arse 5X a day will give’em something to do

      • Exile1981

        It’s easy to corrupt kids in the schools especially if the media hide the true meaning of what the kids are being taught.

    • Every day on European TV channels, on the news and in special programs, Europeans are given their daily dose of ‘migrant’, ‘refugee’ whitewashing and romanticizing. No wonder many people imagine this to be true.

      • Etobicoke_Gladiator

        Propaganda on this scale has truly not existed in Europe since Goebbels. Europe is in bad, bad, bad shape.

    • occupant 9

      This includes us too. No nation that imports murder will be immune from it. We will be murdered; it is already happening and happened.

      With all the resources at hand for gov’t, there is just no excuse for not understanding the threat level of Muslim immigration and what it means to the general population. The UN calls it officially “Replacement Migration.”

      We are on the eve of the end of what our forefathers fought for because certain politicians and a vast number of senior, unelected bureaucrats have long held in contempt the nation we were. For this reason they have undid the great Canadian war efforts by selling us we’ve *always* been a “peacekeeping” nation. The hate for regular people is deep and that’s why these select fanatics will weep ceremonial tears when the Muslim murder squads begin at Christmas, as the hubbub suggests.

      Canada may be spared the first round but we’re certainly not off the list; hell, Justin plans to bring in 50,000 executioners just for us!

      • Exile1981

        True but Sweden is past the tipping point; we still have a slim chance of stoppibg the conversion before we reach that same tipping point.

    • Xavier

      Liberals deserve to live in the world they’re creating.
      I just wish it wasn’t this world.

      • Exile1981

        It could be possible in the next 10 years to look at colonizing another and being very selective of who was allowed to immigrate.

  • bob e

    liked the film D .. they will all find out when this horrendous war breaks out
    instantly and there is no turning back ..

  • Requiem for Europe indeed. Collective suicide. Our leadership, politicians, journalists, academics, etc. should all be hanged for this massive betrayal.