Why Climate Change Won’t Matter in 20 Years

The perilous business of predicting the future.

Last week, powerful men from all over the world finished negotiating a new climate deal — the “Paris Agreement.” France’s foreign minister, the host of the “COP21” climate conference, called the plan an “historic turning point” in the battle against global warming. Our representative, John Kerry, called it “a victory for the planet.”

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Kerry will be dead in 20 years, and most likely, so will I.

    • Physics grad

      I hope it does not take that long. He can do a lot of damage over 20 years.

  • Med1

    That’s right Mr. Kerry climate change won’t matter in 20 years. Because in 20 years we will be a thriving caliphate with a bunch of virgins to look forward to if the earth overheats!

  • kkruger71

    Nothing tells me this is a fraud more than the fact that for the last 15+ years, we have been “at the tipping point” unless we act now!!! Then they don’t get the agreement they want, or targets are not met, yet somehow there is always another chance. Reminds me of the old stereotype of the crazy homeless guy with a “The End Is Nigh!” sandwich board, walking the street for years and years.

  • “A victory for the planet”. More like a victory for global Socialism and another step forward to extorting industry and socializing the economy on a global level. Unprecedented — I don’t think even the former Soviets envisioned such an ambitious Socialist program.

    Meanwhile the rest of us now have to deal with two global threats: The global Islamic jihad and global Socialism. Reminiscent of conditions leading up to the Second World War: The rise of Nazism and the rise of Communism.

    • Reader

      With billions, and soon over a trillion dollars, wasted globally on Global Warming, I expect a widespread economic depression. Thanks to all the green energy policies that will be extremely expensive to reverse, will lead to an extended period of economic stagnation that we will still be experiencing in twenty years. And that’s the cheery news.

  • Bataviawillem

    17 years and 11 months no warming.