What’s strange about Trump vs Dump Trump, Bump Trump, etc.

The strangest thing about Trump vs. Dump Trump is that the entire controversy turns on the fact that no Republican seems able to voice what the majority of people likely to vote Republican think: That they do not want the United States to be fundamentally transformed.

Canada’s David Frum started to say the unsayable at Atlantic on US immigration but it won’t make much difference, one guesses.

As Frum points out, it’s not that vast masses of immigrants from Latin America are bad people, but that they have different value systems in an age when immigrants are not routinely expected to adapt to the value system of the host country.

Of course that matters!

South America is not especially noted for technological achievement, personal prosperity for average working stiffs, or stable government. That is neither an accident nor exclusively the fault of rich or bad people. It stems from the choices large numbers of people make every day. Choices they have the right to make.

What’s good and bad about Canada is like that too. It stems from the choices millions of people make. If we added millions of people who would disproportionately make different choices every day, our society would change.

It really has nothing to do with grandstanding about what’s right or wrong, or what God wants. A reshaped America will simply be more like South America.

One question: If better off people are more likely to vote Republican, is part of the problem that they will actually benefit over the long term? The rich in South America don’t live a bad life.

The burden will fall harder on the current American working and lower classes, who cling bitterly to guns and religion, as one president put it.

But perhaps their votes aren’t worth much anyway. As native borns, they could change their votes. They are not waiting for someone to come along and amnesty them.

But no one except Trump even wants to represent them. And Trump isn’t even particularly a Republican. He simply saw an opportunity that appeals to his ego, that no one else wants.

Or so it appears from this desk.

  • Jay Currie

    In the back of many Americans’ minds there is a vision of America which, while inclusive, is still an essentially WASP run, lightly bigoted place where deserving people get their chance. Te fact that this view of America is under attack propels the current insurrection. The fact the Republicans caved on the Omnibus Budget Bill drives the Republicans to want better (even if mildly nuts).

    The political class has not talked to a regular guy at any length for a couple of decades. Obama does not watch cable. They are baffled. So is the media.

    Whether Trump or Cruz – and I am betting Cruz – the Republicans are getting a wake up call.

    Meanwhile, Hilly, under any other administration would have already been indicted. Just a matter of time.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Trump mentioned a few weeks ago that the statute of limitations for Hillary’s alleged crimes is six years. That means the next Trump or Cruz – or better yet Trump & Cruz – administration can move in on Hillary. If they do and Hillary falls, Bill will serve as collateral damage, and maybe Chelsea, too. Certainly, that Clinton Foundation needs to be investigated and shut down, just like Hill and Bill.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I am unclear as to whose “desk” this perspective emanates from. There’s a wee problem right there. There was a time when things and people were capable of being so much clearer….

  • Spatchcocked

    I’m so excited about Trump taking all the marbles. It’s time way past time to go full tilt boogy bull goose loony on the cissys gumming up the will of the right thinking commonsensical normal majority.
    Cry havoc baby….win or lose lets do the happy warrior dance…..time for a major intellectual purging….a serious vomit of all that poisonous septic thinking fouling our peace and understanding….boots and saddles green babies!

  • Hard Little Machine

    It really doesn’t matter any more. America is dying.

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  • JoKeR
  • Norman_In_New_York

    The political-media complex has lost touch for so long with the American people that it has forgotten what “consent of the governed” means.