Utopia creep…

… soon means dystopia deep. From Salvo:

Consider that this Ameritopia’s Leviathan-sized federal government has become the nation’s largest creditor, debtor, lender, contractor, grantor, insurer, health-care provider, regulator, and pension guarantor, to name only a few of the many extra-constitutional roles Uncle Sam has assumed. Worse, an alarming segment of the population has foregone self-reliance and individual industry in favor of dependence on the rest. In such an environment, those traits which represent the best in the nature of man—initiative, drive, and selflessness—inevitably languish and falter, while, as Shin Dong-hyuk warns, those which represent the worst—indolence, envy, and predation—thrive. More.

They don’t just thrive. They are reinterpreted as virtues. The Asshat Rebellion on campus is largely a rebellion of people who do not study,against those who do.

Predation becomes “social justice.” “You didn’t build that” becomes “You didn’t earn that degree.” Eventually, “You don’t have the right to live in peace while I feel wronged.”

Incidentally, there is a lot of misunderstanding about Thomas More’s book, Utopia. His point was simply that if people used only reason as a guide, they would have a better society than Henry VIII’s. Unfortunately, most utopian thinkers actually believe their own dangerous lunacy.

See also: Orwell’s vs. Huxley’s dystopias (1984 vs. Brave New World) Unsettlingly, Orwell is gaining on Huxley

  • tom_billesley

    My students have paid £9,000 and now they think they own me
    The government has turned students into customers who have no respect for academics and refuse to work for their grades

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