The Republicans don’t need their voters

They can afford to keep losing.

From Mark Steyn:

As I’ve often said, the Republican Party is so good at folding they should be the White House valets. Doesn’t matter what your issue is, they’ll fold. They fold on debt, on immigration, on regulation, on gay marriage, on Obamacare, on [Insert Your Issue Here]. Regardless of the merits of this or that issue, on the whole they’d rather pre-emptively surrender. And I got the definite sense from their no-show last week that for these guys global warming will be just the 173rd issue for which discretion is the better part of valor. Save your powder – for next year, next decade, whenever. If you’re a Kansan, Floridian, Coloradan, South Dakotan or Alaskan and you voted because you want sanity in environmental policy, well, tough: the GOP don’t dance with them what brung them, no way, no how.

Which may have something to do with why Trump, Cruz, Carson and Fiorina have a combined 66 per cent of the vote in the latest poll – and the two clubbable senators, Rubio and Graham, have a combined 11 per cent.More.

Reality check: The Republicans don’t need the rank and file who would vote Republican, and that fact has probably not sunk in yet, for many.

They are just as well off to lose, betray those people’s interests and go off to fat consultancies somewhere, continuing to betray their interests.

Conceivably, a party could form that actually represents the interests of Americans who work, who are not very wealthy, but it wouldn’t have much in common with the Republicans or the Democrats.

We have the same sort of problem in Canada. I got a snootful of it from the Manning Conference, endlessly sucking up to dying traditional media:

Time and again, traditional values movements get taken over by misguided and uninformed prigs (MUPs). They take people’s hard-earned money while leading them into the wilderness. Those people find out later when they are stranded, then blamed for their “failures.”

Their main failure is taking anything like the Manning Conference seriously. They will need to strike out on their own in order to survive—invent effective strategies that the Manning Conference did not sponsor and couldn’t even imagine. Can it be done?

That I don’t know, but that is where the bar is set.

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  • Justin St.Denis

    Preston Manning is one of the greatest conservative disappointments of the past half-century. I wonder if he knows that.

    • Nope.

      • Justin St.Denis


        Why did I even ask? I knew the answer. 😉

  • Wow, looks like Preston has backslidden to old PC ideology (Progressive Conservative and Politically Correct). Bloggers aren’t journalists? As Steyn’s article indicates some free speechers are literally risking their lives.

  • Adam

    Your parliamentary system at least allows new parties to win seats. There is zero chance a new party could break through in the US, unless one of the traditional parties collapses entirely.

    Trump has been asked a couple of times now if he’ll support the Republican candidate in the event someone else wins the nomination. I think Trump should ask if the Republican Party will support him in the event he wins. I think there’s a serious possibility the Republican establishment would prefer Hillary.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Adam, our parliamentary system was born in Britain, currently the most unfree of any western country. Brits cannot live through a day without breaching about 75 laws, rules or regulations. Whether or not you are arrested is really at the whim of the local political elite.

      Parliamentary democracy is IN NO WAY superior to the U.S. model.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The US hasn’t had a functional representative government in a long time. This is all theater and you are extraneous, superfluous. The US has maybe 20 years before the middle class is gone forever and it turns into feudalism.

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  • DD_Austin

    How easier it is to rule
    when the opposition is your tool
    No matter who wins
    We always get in
    and send civilization the bill

    The way to “de-democratize” democracy is to run one party, under two names
    Much like when you don’t like Loblaws, and take your business to shoppers
    drug mart, you think your making a difference but your just wasting your time,
    Cause shoppers is loblaws, You think they’re competing, they’re not

    Kind of explains the utter incompetence of conservative and republicians, and why Trump won’t get the nomination regardless of his numbers