Shocka! Defeating ISIS Will Not End Global Terror: Report

Thank goodness for experts…

The defeat of Islamic State will not end worldwide jihadist terrorism because as many as 15 hard-line Islamist militias are capable of succeeding the group in Syria, a new report suggests.

Nearly 100,000 fighters aligned with rebel factions in war-torn Syria follow the same religious and political ideology as IS, according to the report.

Some 60% of the major Syrian rebel groups are Islamist extremists, and if Western nations defeat only IS, other militias “will expand their horizons and launch attacks outside Syria”.

Flattening Mecca should be step 1 of any plan to finally get at the root causes of Muslim terrorism….

  • Global terror is simple the end result of devout Muslims reading Islamic theology.

    Without Islamic reformation, the problem will continue.

    • Xavier

      Let’s be realistic. It is against their strictures to alter the Quran so reform is out of the question, and we cannot kill every Moslem in the world. We cannot even stop terrorism by using traditional methods. We must employ methods they will understand.

      Fear is the only answer. Use their religion against them. Make our response to their attacks so brutal and overwhelming that they never dare harm us again. Make them tremble at the thought of an organized war against Moslems. Make them beg forgiveness.

      • lolwut?

        We’d need to forcefully remove every Muslim from the west and ban Islam in the west outright for that to work.

        It’s a death cult, they embrace death. So long as they are on our soil
        the attacks won’t stop even if we nuked every Muslim nation into parking lot.

        That includes expelling the baby making “Moderates”.

        • Blacksmith

          Definitely, but can we nuke the rock as a starting point?

          • lolwut?

            Would be nice, but you first have to remove the barbarians inside the gates.

            There’s an estimated 58 Million Muslims in Europe alone and now the migrants, many of which are battle hardened or at least exposed to war.

            Nuking Mecca would set off a fight that would see our side losing millions
            single day easily to Muslims going apeshit in the streets with knives, cars and anything else they can get their hands on.

        • B__2

          The concept of Taqiyya would prevent this from ever happening, where Muslims are allowed to lie to protect themselves and their faith. If you ever could get passed a law expelling Muslims – which I doubt – you would suddenly a mass ‘conversion’ to ‘Christianity’, whose adherents claim to believe in Jesus, “and other prophets”. In other words, a thinly veiled Islam. How could you prove otherwise?

      • Women’s lib would send the jihadis into a state of shock.

        When Western feminists, dump PC multi-culti dogma, and try to help their sisters stuck in Islam, there could be a change.

    • luna

      I’m in no way defending the fundamentals of Islam, but the way the Quran has been understood has changed over time. In particular today the message is largely controlled by Saudi Arabia & Iran. I look forward their mutual destruction.

      • Justin St.Denis

        I simply LOVE the idea of a cloud of human vapour hovering over Saudi Arabia. Neutron bombs are recommended to preserve oil resources and real estate. Then move on to every other Saudi-like regime in the ME and do it all over again. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat. Rinse and repeat until the shitstain of allah has been utterly erased from the map.

      • B__2

        I’d disagree there. Islam for the last 1400 years has been about “Convert, Submit, or Die”. Millions have died at the hands of Muslim invaders over the last 1400 years. Civilizations have been destroyed together with their history and traditions over the last 1400 years.

        The only difference today is the unearned money flowing from the oil wells in these middle eastern countries has given them the resources to push their religious edicts and to hold blackmail over Western Civilization to prevent them from taking real action. I think the real key to sending Islam back 100 years to the time of its impotence is to defund it and take away the source of revenue: oil. Without the oil revenue and oil supply blackmail threat, the Muslim world will again sink down into irrelevancy, held back from progress by its innate tribal nature and fatalistic approach to life.

        • luna
          • B__2

            Oh, I agree that the translations have changed over time, but the original text of the Qur’an, from the time of its collection by Uthman and the destruction of those texts deemed to be not-Qur’an, remains the same. Interpretation of these collected works has essentially remained the same for centuries, the core principles of ijtihad of Islam remain unchanged. Modern imams might make interpretations that are meant to align with these already agreed on principles, and woe betide to an imam who makes a ruling that contradicts. Islam remains a Convert, Submit or Die religion.

          • luna

            From article linked above.

            By the ninth century, this began to change. Muslim jurists, increasingly opposed to reliance upon Jewish lore, created new sayings from the Prophet and his companions that contradicted the original allowances.

            Indicative of the desire and drive of Saudi Arabia to impose a Salafi[51] interpretation upon the Muslim world, the kingdom has banned Muhammad’s work over some creedal issues. Because the Saudi government subsidizes the publication and distribution of so many translations, the ban has in effect made Asad’s translation both expensive and difficult to obtain.

          • luna

            I’m not defending the religion or its texts, only pointing out that Saudi Arabia & Iran are shaping the message today. This is not really new, Islam has always been state sponsored.

      • The way the Koran is interpreted has not changed since “gates of ijtihad” were closed in about the year 1,000 CE.

        Any Muslim who tries to reinterpret the Koran risks being killed at the hands of some other devout Muslim.

        The issue of closing the “gates of ijtihad” is probably the biggest event in the history of man. It is responsible for the human disaster we see today called Islam.

        Reformation of Islam is close to impossible because of this event. Setting the women of Islam free will go a long way to re-opening the path of “critical thinking” (gates of ijtihad) in the Muslim world.

        • luna

          Interesting, so you think (a) Saudi Arabia does not and cannot influence mainstream Islam & (b) if only Islam could return to its tradition of critical thinking radical Islam would be extinguished?

          I tend to disagree on both points. I believe Saudi Arabia (and others) have significant influence over mainstream Islam, and I believe the whole enterprise is unholy so critical thinking in my opinion would lead to rejection rather than reform.

    • Blacksmith

      If by reformation you mean extermination then I think it might work otherwise it will not.

    • B__2

      The vast majority of Muslims cannot read the Qur’an and so rely on the local imams word for translation and interpretation. And this is probably a good thing, since were more to read it and act on its instructions, we would be facing so many more violent jihadists. So many Muslims believe that Islam is a religion of peace when a plain reading shows that it is not, and one of its core memes is that it cannot be changed and thus Muslim reform is impossible without destroying the religion itself.

  • Spatchcocked

    The longer the West waits to get it on with these people the larger the problem will be.
    Punish the nations involved with sanctions trade travel tourism education etc etc etc…When the leaders of all these countries see their billets being threatened they’ll start cleaning up the mess themselves……or they end up like Muamar Gaddafi…

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Our message to them should be simple. If they want to live in peace with us as equals, we will be magnanimous. However, if they want jihad, we will give them jihad, and with all the added horrors that modern science can create.

  • Justin St.Denis

    Before rendering Mecca to glass, I would suggest blowing up that black rock cube the muslims worship into a million pieces, film that event, collect up the pieces, and sell them on EBay for cheap “for Christian buyers only.”

    • Blacksmith

      Nah, they will try to put it back together, destroy it with nuclear fire, nothing to put back together.

  • Shebel

    “The Western World is being invaded by Aliens with the ability to ‘shape-shift’ and ‘control our minds’. ”
    Sounds like a good plot for a movie.

  • bob e

    never will there be islamic reformation. so lets nuke the snot out of every
    muslim paedo on the planet .. it will buy us time till the next
    inbred invasion of ignorant tribal blood lust comes callin’. mebbe’ by then, we can move every one of them to another planet. sunni on one side on the other & give them lots of arms, lots of imams..