Can Wynne win in 2018?

You bet she will.

Ontario is a kleptocracy run by our predatory public service unions.

We are Detroit.

  • BradThomas

    Yes, almost certainly the Liberals will win again – and again, and again….
    But I actually wonder if it would even matter if the Progressive Conservatives formed the government.

    As with the Republicans in the US, they seem federally, and in some provinces such as Alberta and Ontario, to be little different in their views and policies than the left wing parties (and the Liberals are left wing, make no mistake, not centrist). Would any politician have the stomach to attempt to trim the bloated public service, especially after observing what happened to Tim Hudak? Not likely.

    • Justin St.Denis

      I suspect the mean IQ in Ontario to be significantly lower than those of other provinces and virtually every American state. Also, Torontonians generally look in need of a bath or shower and are surprisingly fat. None of that does ANY good for anyone….

  • Ron MacDonald

    I firmly believe it is time Ontario is divided into 3 provinces and Quebec into 2 provinces. The area around Ottawa in both provinces would be known as the National Capital Region and governed similar to Washington, DC; otherwise, progressives living in huge urban areas will be deciding who governs us indefinitely.

  • Surele Surele

    I would not even want Conservatives (if there is such a thing anymore) to win. Imagine, cleaning up this unbelievable mess and then be blamed for, and be hated for introducing any measures that could save this once fantastic province.

    • Clausewitz

      There are Conservatives, but sadly there are very few conservatives.

      • Surele Surele

        Lots has to be done.

  • Waffle

    Let’s face it — we are so screwed. A supremely ignorant electorate has been shamed into silence or is comatose due to apathy. We have entered an era not unlike the Hunger Games, where to stay alive (financially), most have opted for going along with the prevailing winds.

    There is nobody on the political horizon who is even close to Donald Trump with his FU money and his FU attitude. Patrick Brown sure ain’t it.

    For years I have asked myself why so many prefer to believe the honey-coated lies spewed by the Liberals and Progressives, rather than accept (and deal with) cold, hard truths. Is it because they believe in fairy tales and that next time it will be different? That the handsome prince can restore Sleeping Beauty with a kiss and that they will live happily ever after? Or is it just the banality of not wanting to stand out and go against the consensus of the crowd — to be labelled a racist, a homophobe or an uncaring xenophobe. Socially, it’s one thing to go along but when it comes to the professions such as medicine or engineering, lack of critical thinking can be downright lethal — bridges collapse, patients die.

    The decline of our society and our once prosperous province has not only been hastened by the machinations of greedy, self-centered unions who have destroyed professionalism but by the silent acquiescence of the general population. It is a disease and the bad germs are devouring the organism.

    Unless Ontarians are willing to self-administer a hefty shot of penicillin, the Polyester Princess will remain triumphant atop a rotting corpse.

    • Justin St.Denis

      You are right on every point you raise. I am beginning to loathe Ontario and Ontarians. I already pulled investments out of Alberta because of Notley and the Albertans who voted for her. New Brunswick is so busy kissing Syrian arse that my wife INSISTED we cancel our scheduled visit to Fredericton next June. We are planning on selling our huge pile here in Ontario now that the kids are all married off. I doubt we will find strong enough reasons to stay in Ontario. But we’ll see where this all goes…

      Business-wise, Texas is still looking pretty good, and the real estate market is very buoyant there. Ditto North and South Carolina.

      Decisions, decisions……

      • Waffle

        Texas was great 20 years ago. If I were to go back, my choice would be either Austin or Tyler.

  • irishrus

    give your head a major shake Ontario.. you elected a grandma who is more interested in strapping on with another grandmother than baking cookies and grand kids.
    And then you believe this woman would have no mental issues around the rest of her life especially the part where she rules us???

  • CodexCoder

    Until the punishment for lying is public shaming, prosecution for fraud, and betrayal of the public trust, the lying will continue and increase. She lied and broke the law, and yet the Toronto and Ottawa voted her back in (along with other clusters receiving public funding).

  • CodexCoder

    You can tell a lot about a society and its schooling when children graduate from high school and are basically illiterate, but they know everything imaginable about their genitalia and potential uses.

  • Yo Mama

    As long as you bring in lots of people who will never work and give them free housing ahead of Canadians, free money and lots more things for free, after 3 years they get their citizenship and will vote for the traitorous Liberals every time.

    So yes, I think unless their is a rebellion to take back our country, the Liberals provincially and the Liberals and Conservatives federally have brought in so many people to dilute the Canadian population, that the Liberals are now the government forever.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Give it time. Lesbians are notoriously abusive and promiscuous. I suspect some video or photos of KW munching on pussy that is not her wife’s pussy will emerge. That will be a big pill for Ontarians to swallow, but I expect it to happen because so many gay people are amoral and unethical.

  • Clear Thinker

    I am a person who might have thought about running as a PC in Ontario, but I am not a progressive. I believe that welfare should be discontinued in 10 years. The future claimants are not yet born, or are still in public school, and hopefully not pregnant by age 9 or 10. I believe that landlords have private property rights and tenants who don’t pay, should not stay. I know, from being in a public service union, that Rand has to be abolished. I did buy Ontario Hydro stock, and when it is still fleecing the residents of Ontario, my dividends will be sustained. Don’t worry, I am moving out of Ontario when I retire and I will not have any income taxed for the benefit of Ontario. I believe in the voucher system for education. Apparently I can choose to kill my child, but I can not choose where it should go to school. 300 billion in the tank with another 45 billion lost in the hydro wind turbine shuffle. You want to know why you don’t have full drug coverage for cancer treatments? It went to windmills and the hydro unions where all it did was buy liquor and political whores. By the time the liberals are done, I expect 350 billion to be owed provincially, the good news, they are going to have to sell off all the other government assets, something they said Tim Hudak was going to do. I think he will be smiling a little bit while sitting in the house.

  • simus1

    If GLLKDW can offer the rent seekers and voting parasites the best deal again and the economy doesn’t collapse a week before voting day, she should have little trouble seeing off the chronic losers heading up the two main opposition parties.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I was speaking with a dear friend and colleague this morning. He expressed his certainty that a major terrorism attack will occur in Toronto or Ottawa within the next three months. Unfortunately, he is placed to know much more about this potential than any of us here. He predicts hundreds of dead – even suggested most will be children.

    Then he said something that seared itself onto my brain. “Canadians need to have theeir noses rubbed into the blood of their own mudered children in order to wake up. I genuinely HOPE this happens, and would do absolutely NOTHING to stop it even if I could. Canadians need to awaken.”

    I honestly did not know what to say since I could not disagree with anything he said.

  • Jim Horne

    In his recent book, The Great Divide, Why Liberals and Conservatives will Never, Ever Agree, author William D. Gairdner discusses tripartite states.

    These are jurisdictions where roughly ⅓ of people are employed by government at some level, either directly or through permanent government contracts. Another approximately ⅓ of the people receive social benefits from the government. And another ⅓ of the people provide the economic wherewithal of the economy.

    Problems occurs when elections are called. Those dependent on the government for their income (⅓ of the people) and those dependent on the government for social benefits (⅓ of the people) vote for the party that promises to increase their income and/or their social benefits.

    Elections become like two wolves and a sheep deciding what’s for dinner.

    That is why Kathleen Wynne can win in 2018.

  • Gary

    watch the debt shoot up to almost $400 billion as she hands out FREE money to those that will vote for her.