But progressives are NOT hypocrites

Remember the recent flap about a Colorado ACLU honcho suggesting that Trump supporters be shot?

An American friend wrote to say that he had heard of it and was amazed at the “hypocrisy” of leftists. I was puzzled by his response and replied,

I don’t know that it IS hypocrisy. It’s only hypocrisy if one believes that there is such a thing as fact or evidence.

Progressives don’t. They believe in narrative and spin.

If they destroy people, it doesn’t matter. Those must have been bad or unwanted people.

They, by contract, are the ones they have been waiting for

Those who vote for progressives, refusing to see the significance of what they in fact believe, assume that all the bad stuff will happen to someone else, those other, bad people — the “rich,” the “haters,” — at any rate not to them.

Historically, they are almost always wrong. But at least they chose it—unlike many victims.

  • Gary

    Trudeau supporters have now hijacked Harper’s work to get in the Syrian refugees now landing in Toronto while at the same time assuring me that they have bee screened and sponsored going back almost 2 years .
    But wait….. Justin and the NDP promised to bring in 10,000 Syrian’s right after the Staged ” Boy On The Beach ” photo as part of the pre-Election series of Lies.
    Trudeau also mocked Harper as not being transparent with the voters and being reckless to run Deficits . Now we see how Justin is willing to run $10,000,000,000.00+ Deficits during his first term as he now admits he wants 50,000+ Syrian refugees by 2017 and is vague on details for security.

    The Native issue is on hold and he now only assert that he will pull the F-18’s from the Middle East which is now a general term rather than the ISIS battler to protect civilians.

    Buy hey, George Smithemen was a bit of a basket case with his unsafe sex with men , drug parties and runaway hubby that was driven to suicide shortly after the Police return him to the abusive home life he fled . Yet the CBC and STAR attacked Ford on just allegations of drug use and an domestic violence issue leaked by a CUPE member at the 9-1-1 call centre .
    Wynne and McGuinty are now on the border of Criminal activity but the CBC and STAR keep giving them a pass , this doesn’r shiock me for the CBC because Justin promised the CBC almost $600 million more funding in his first term.

    We now see why Paul Martin hid his family wealth outside of Canada for Tax reasons , he saw what was coming and knew that people that pay taxes are SUCKERS while it will be the poor committing suicide when the 40 year Ponze-Scheme implodes when the FREE money runs out.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Try to be more succinct. Nobody will read your turgid screed to the end because it ambles, twists, turns and – finally, mercifully – just ends. That is the best thing I can say about it. BTW, I am likely the only person who will respond to you this constructively.

  • Brett_McS

    “The racism politicism of low expectations”.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The west needs to take itself out back behind the shed and shoot itself in the head.

    • David

      As Barlow Connallys brother says of Barlow, “my brother would have been a good man if someone had been there to shoot him every minute of his life.