An Act against Jihad

President Obama’s perverse inability to acknowledge that Muslims perpetrated the San Bernardino attack (and many others) helped provoked the much criticized call by Donald Trump to temporarily ban Muslim entry into the country. Neither Obama nor Trump is right about Muslims, though Obama’s mistake is orders of magnitude worse than Trump’s, for creating the conditions that triggered it, and because he is a long-sitting president, not a presidential candidate running early in an election cycle.

We should neither attack Muslims as people nor deny that Islam as a creed is a problem. The main issue with Islam – at least for Western democracies – is the political element, and most particularly the concept of jihad (holy war). That is what needs to be addressed for Western societies to accommodate Muslims.

  • dukestreet

    Anti-jihad laws will not be enough. Even with all the laws on the books to protect people from certain Islamic behaviours, they are still happening. No one is stopping them very much. In Europe, English girls are still treated as sex slaves,their rights are not protected,,partly because they are not allowed anywhere without a male escort, etc. When you don’t enforce the laws on the books and the governments continue to appease Muslims, how will an anti-Jihad law work? Better to just keep them out until they reform enough to be part of our society. We already have evidence that Jihadis are masquerading as victims and refugees.

    • All true. Still it’s a start.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Not really. And a false start is likely the worst thing one can implement. False starts are notorious for their unforeseen consequences.

    • Bataviawillem

      Keep them out till they are reformed enough?

      That will not happen, because currently the islamic world is on a reverse course.

      See photo of Kabul 1970.

  • luna

    True, Trumps rhetoric & popularity is more a backlash against Obama then against Muslims.

    • Norman_In_New_York

      Obama’s father and step-father were Muslims and his primary education was in a madrasa. That means he is in fact a Muslim or he is an apostate, and his actions are consistent with the former.

      • Blacksmith

        I was having the same thought again earlier, few mention the fact that according to pisslam Obama is a Muslim, if he says he is not then he is an apostate and up for the chop by whichever pisslamist gets to him first.

        • Alain

          You are correct, because according to Islamic law the fact that Obama’s father was a Muslim makes Obama automatically a Muslim. It doesn’t matter whether Obama agrees or disagrees.

  • Tokenn

    This think-piece could hardly be more wrong. Jihad is a doctrine integral with the practice of Islam, as can be seen by the entire history of Islamic civilization. Mohammed was the first jihadi and _every_ Muslim is directed to live by his example. Islam is a hateful and intolerant creed and hostile to every value of Western Civilization…most especially the ones that give it any credence or acceptance of any kind.

    Yes, some Muslims…etc. I believe that in these cases we are seeing individuals that are ignorant or delusional regarding the core beliefs of Islam…or they are just lying. It may be that the feelings of benevolence and humanity that exist to a lesser or greater extent in most people are suppressing the evil of their religious creed. That is a very slender reed on which to anchor the safety of our world and our future.

    What the Western world needs now is a crusade. Not a violent military crusade but rather a crusade of knowledge and truth about the Islamic faith, history and culture….a crusade that consists of loud, relentless criticism of an evil religion.

    • It may also be that their numbers are simply not yet great enough for them to force their beliefs on the rest of us here in North America.


      • Blacksmith

        Exactly right, when they get the numbers some say as low as 5% they will make a move. Meanwhile their leftist enablers are doing their best to not only help them achieve the numbers, but prepping the way to ease the hateful ideology into power.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    I thought rape, murder, and terrorism were already illegal?
    That doesn’t seem to stop them.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I see no reason to “accommodate muslims” any more than I see a point to “accommodating rapists, bigots, and murderers.”

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      They should accommodate me.